Can I Wear Dress Blues To Church?

Can I Wear Dress Blues To Church

Can I wear dress blues to Church?  It looks like a silly question, but if your girlfriend insists you to wear blues and accompany her to the church, how you will respond?  Nobody ever would have given a serious thought about it.

So let us discuss here, whether you can wear army dress blues to attend church functions. When going to church we usually put on our best clothes. It is not to impress others, but it gives us a sense of confidence in our prayers. After all, being confident is winning half the battle. So what is the best dress to wear while attending church? Can I wear dress blues to church?

The blue dress referred here is the Marine Corps dress of United States of America. Though wearing your work clothes or uniform to church has never been an issue, many believe there is some restriction for wearing dress blues to the church. But the problem arises when the traditions attached to the duty uniform and are you misusing it. To avoid any such misuse or lower the prestige attached to the uniform, certain restrictions have been in practice.

So on a Sunday morning or while going to church the question that comes to a marine’s head would be whether it would violate the code of conduct attached to army uniform. In this article, we will try to help you overcome this problem and draw your attention to the various situations you can wear dress blue.

5 Occasion to wear blue dress to church

Can I Wear Dress Blues To Church

The blue dress is exceptionally chivalrous, expensive and equivalent to owning a tuxedo for a civilian. It is not all about the uniform that matters the most, but its presentation is significant. You need to add many accessories to get the perfect look of the blue dress. For example, the rich anodized buttons just go perfectly well with the blue dress. The other inexpensive substitute like brass buttons do go well but are not as suited as the former one.

The army blue dress is not easy to own and should not usually be brought just after your boot camp. It is no doubt expensive, and there will be a lot of changes in the structure of your body by the time you are finally in the fleet.

Here we try to incorporate some occasion where you can comfortably wear dress blue:

  1. A formal event, like weddings and funerals.
  2. Marine Corps Balls.
  3. Black- tie affairs
  4. Mass service on Sunday
  5. Representing your country with a visiting dignitary

Even the retirees or the veterans of Marine Corps have no permission to wear their uniform in leisure. It strictly follows a code of uniform and can wear it only on formal occasion.

Dress Blue Bravos

The Dress Blue Bravos is the most common dress of United States Marine Corps. It has uniform blue coloring all over and is also known as Blue Dress. The trademark of this uniform is the high closed-neck collar. During 18-19 century Marines used to wear the typical type of uniform similar to this pattern but with leather collars. The primary purpose of the design was to block the blow of the sword during a shipboard fight. The uniform comes with complementing trousers of the same blue shade as in US flag with a red stripe on the sides.

According to the rule this dress you can wear this dress only for public or official function. It can also wear to the church functions. Though the old rule was against wearing it to the church, in the present day, you can wear it to the church as there are no such restrictions.

4 best occasions to wear Dress Blue Bravos:

The dress blue uniform can wear for following social and military occasions:

  • During parades, ceremonies when the senior or the commander present want to pay special honor or respect to the event.
  • When representing the state, or on official visits to foreign governments in accordance with regulations.
  • At receptions given or honoring the visiting dignitary of foreign or own land.
  • At occasions semi formal or formal during the daytime.

Dress Blue Charlies

These are same as Dress Blue Bravos but has no blue outer coat. It characterizes with a long khaki sleeve along with a khaki necktie. Badges are optional unless specified and it is common to wear ribbons on the shirt. It is more relaxed and semi-formal as compared to dress blue bravos. The dress shall pair with blue trouser and red strips on sides.

3 best occasions to wear Dress Blue Charlies:

It is a usual practice for Commanders to recommend these dress as a uniform for that day for some specific duties or occasion. Commanders may allot Dress Blue Charlies for the following event:

  • Honors, ceremonies, parades, off and on activities of the military.
  • Authorized for leave and liberty.
  • Blue dress sweater may be part of this dress at the individual discretion. But cannot be worn on for ceremonial functions, parades or inspections.


Both uniforms are a Marine dress and have great importance attached to it. The blue uniform is part of rich heritage connecting them to past warriors. It also reflects quality, utility, and simplicity. It is a proud moment for veterans and retired army personnel to wear their Dress blues to public functions including the church.  So if you are an ex-marine personnel, no inhibition of asking can I wear dress blue to church anymore!

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