Can I Use Neosporin On My Baby?

Can I Use Neosporin On My Baby

Neosporin is an antibiotic ointment which is meant to be applied on any region of the skin which is injured by a cut, scrape or burn etc. It is meant only for superficial application and should never be ingested.

Neosporin contains three antibiotics: Polymyxin B, Neosporinand Bacitracin. Together, these three antibiotics are present in a gel like base and help to prevent infection in the region of an injury. This is an over-the-counter medication which can be bought without a prescription.

Can I Use Neosporin On My Baby
Can I Use Neosporin On My Baby

Can I Use Neosporin On My Baby?

Babies often get cuts and scrapes, particularly on their hands and feet. When your little one starts crawling, and then walking, he wants to explore everything and go everywhere. It is inevitable, therefore, that accidents sometimes happen and you find your little baby with a small cut on his tiny finger or somewhere else.

Or perhaps you were cutting your baby’s nails and accidently nipped his skin. Little babies are always moving their hands about and often end up scratching their own faces. In such a case, can you apply an antibiotic ointment to make them feel better ?

Neosporin Can Be Safely Applied To Babies Older Than Two Years

Babies older than two years will not be harmed in any way if you apply this ointment to their cuts and scrapes. However, keep in mind that this ointment is not for very large, open wounds. If your little one seriously hurt himself, or got a big burn, you should take him to a doctor immediately.

What About Younger Babies?

In younger children aged 6 months to two years, Neosporin can still be applied in a region of injury, but a few precautions have to be followed.

  • The amount used should be less. You should cover the wound with the ointment but it should not be so excessive that it starts dripping off.
  • Only apply it to small cuts and wounds. For larger and more complicated injuries, see your doctor immediately.
  • When applying to the hands or fingers, make sure that you apply a very thin layer because babies tend to put their hands in their mouths all the time, and it is best if they do not ingest the ointment. A small amount is safe, though.
  • You can apply Neosporin two to three times daily, but avoid applying it more than that.

In Which Cases Must You Avoid Neosporin?

For babies smaller than 6 months of age, it is best if you avoid this ointment all-together. For one thing, they may swallow it if applied to their hands, which may result in harmful effects. Also, in this age group, it is best to just wash any cut or injury with soap and water and apply band aid.


Some people are allergic to Neosporin. While in most cases the allergic reaction is local and produces redness, itching and hives, in some cases it can be more serious. In rare cases, a severe allergic reaction may occur which can even lead to respiratory distress.

This is why this ointment should be avoided in young babies, as it can have serious effects. Also, if anyone in your immediate family has a known Neosporin allergy, it is best to ask a doctor before giving it to your baby.

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