Can I Use Nasal Spray While Pregnant ?

Many mothers with stuffy nose, runny nose often think of nasal drops because they think that not drinking directly will not affect the fetus. So in fact nose drops for pregnant women are harmful?

Can pregnant women use nose drops, nasal spray?

nasal spray while pregnant

At present, there are many nasal drops, nasal spray such as xylometazoline, epinephrine, pseudoepinephrine, oxymetazoline.

These medications work to tighten the capillaries to help clear the nose and stop the runny nose from flowing right away. So many mothers prefer favors and abuse it because they think it is small outside the nose so they will not pass on the fetus.

However, in fact, nose drops, nasal spray contains many components that affect the health of the fetus. First of all, the original drug (containing only one of these ingredients), xylometazolin and oxymetazoline are not safe for first trimester women.

These two drugs have been tested in animals and have resulted in congenital malformations that increase the risk of miscarriage. Therefore, these two medications are only used for pregnant women 4 months onwards and treated with a short course of 2-3 days, only 2 times a day.

For pseudoepinephrine and epinephrine are contraindications for pregnancy during pregnancy. When the mother gills in the nose, they are absorbed into the body will enter the bloodstream into the fetus, causing the fetus to deformities, causing the mother’s gourd high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia.

Non-original drugs include three components: one of the above, antibiotics and corticosteroids (dexamethasone). Both components are a threat to the fetus. Antibiotics can interfere with the development of vestibular, affecting the cartilage of the fetus. Corticosteroids increase the risk of fetal malformations.

So, you can see, nose drops, nasal spray today are all products that mother should not use in pregnancy. If you want to use, you need to consult with your doctor. It is best to replace them with physiological saline to clean your nose.

Some safe ways to treat stuffy nose for pregnant mothers.

Nasal massage: When stuffy nose, gently massage the nose on both sides will help the nose more airy.

Garlic: Pounding garlic and bring up the nose smell is also a way to cure stuffy nose. But the best way is still to eat some garlic cloves daily.

Essential Oil: Mother took a new glass of boiling water and then a little bit of eucalyptus or mint oil, the nose will be immediately informed.

Use hot water : It does not need to be too complicated, you only need to use a bowl of hot water and keep your nose close so that the water vapor expands the capillaries and dilutes the mucus.

– Physiopathic saline: Your mother can mix 0.9% saline solution (9g salt per 100ml). Every day, use this solution several times to clean your nose, remove mucus and harmful bacteria.

Drinking enough water: Drinking enough water is the best way to get rid of the toxins and residue. At the same time, water also dissolves mucus in the nose, thereby reducing nasal congestion quickly.

Pillow when lying: When sleeping or lying, she should use a high pillow. However, mothers with dizziness should not apply this way because it will reduce blood flow to the brain causing dizziness worse.

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