Can I Use Aquaphor on My Face?

Aquaphor is an ointment with a long history and tradition of use, so you shouldn’t worry about putting some onto your face.

What is Aquaphor?

Can I Use Aquaphor on My Face

Aquaphor is the name of the brand that represents a popular skin ointment. It is most known for being recommended for use as a relief for skin that is either itchy or dry because of an immediate cause, as well as in treatment of minor burns, cuts and discomforts, which is why it tends to be given to patients after operation, to treat their wounds with it. It also has a long history as it has been available on the market for almost a century.

Aquaphor contains petrolatum is its key active ingredient, but it also has mineral oil, ceresin, glycerine, panthenol and bisabolol, all known for helping lock in moisture and renew skin, although there is some speculation on whether the use of petrolatum in this day and age is justified enough, as it comes from petroleum, and is thus not so environmentally friendly.

Using Aquaphor On Your Face

Women are known to be in constant search for a perfect face cream. Although nowadays, due to global warming and UVA and UVB radiation, every person, male or female, young or old, should be using a moisturizer and a SPF protection on their face, it is people with dry skin who have the absolute need for a face cream on a daily basis.

For all other people, that don’t know the feeling of itchy, tightening skin, it is easy to forget to care about themselves, but those that do face that problem, are often willing to try anything just to make the discomfort go away.

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Although Aquaphor is not a face cream, nor is it a cream you should consider dabbing onto your face in really high amounts daily, it is something you can use from time to time to aid a problem. Putting Aquaphor on your face can clog your pores and create a reversed situation, but if you have some dry patches on your face, like on your nose after a cold, or you’ve just overused the products that dry your face, putting a little bit of Aquaphor on those spots will help them regenerate.

Also, bear in mind that Aquaphor has many other different uses in the beauty segment, as it can help with dry cuticles, polish up the shine of your nails, remove makeup and even be used to shine your shoes.

Petroleum Jelly Controversies

Another question people ask themselves is not if you CAN put Aquaphor on your face, but if you SHOULD put Aquaphor on your face. More and more people are deciding to avoid all products with petroleum jelly as one it ingredients due to the fact that it is not an eco-friendly substance, but an oil-derivative. Also, research shows that carcinogenic elements are removed during the process of the extraction of petroleum jelly, which raises the question of how safe and how much of the carcinogens really gets cleared out.

Another minus of products containing petroleum jelly, especially as the active ingredient, is the fact that it is said to only mask the hydration of the skin, while it actually only clogs the pores in your skin, sealing the moisture in your skin but preventing it from breathing and letting through any more air and water. So the softness and the hydration you are feeling when you apply petroleum jelly is actually an illusion. Also, because of its thick consistency, it is difficult to remove, so you may end up creating a bigger problem for your skin in the first place.

That is why, if you are looking for a new moisturizer for either your face or your body, you should try and skip using Aquaphor, but nothing bad should happen if you decide to keep using it. Also, if you want to help out a current problem like chapped lips or a light burn, like after cooking lunch, there is no harm in using Aquaphor to ease your pain.

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