Can I Take Lactulose While Breastfeeding ?

Why breastfeeding mothers may need lactulose?

Doctors prescribes lactulose for breastfeeding mothers after labor, and breastfeeding moms suffering from constipation due to iron supplements taking.

Because Constipation is considered as an adverse effect of iron supplements.

What is lactulose?

Can I Take Lactulose While Breastfeeding

Lactulose is a drug indicated in constipation, before taking lactulose tell your doctor if you are diabetic (due to lactulose is synthetic disaccharide, containing galactose and fructose).

Lactulose also indicated in some cases of hepatic coma which is called encephalopathy.

Lactulose is considered as an Osmotic Laxative.

What is Osmotic Laxative? And Why Lactulose is Called Osmotic Laxative?

Laxatives are classified into different classes, Osmotic Laxative is one of these classes.

Since its not digested and not absorbed, it retain water in bowel.

How it works in your body?

In the colon where the bacteria of colon can metabolite it, lactulose is broken down primarily to lactic acid and others.

Lower PH of your colon leading to:

-Formation of soft stool.

-Inhibition of proteolytic bacteria by decreasing the formation of ammonia.

-Increasing the bowel movement, thus stool discharge easily.

Another treatment with Lactulose:

It is Wheat Bran.

How Wheat Bran works as Laxative?

Wheat Bran is considered as a Bulk Forming Laxative class.

It works by:

-Increasing bulk of gastric and leading to reflex peristalsis.

(peristalsis: it is a medical term means muscle relaxation of intestine)

Wheat bran is a safe and suitable prescribed laxative for breastfeeding mothers and elderly people.

How to use Wheat Bran?

Mothers can use Wheat Bran added to cereals at their breakfast. (It works very well).

It can be also used during/or without Lactulose treatment.

To summarize:

-Since there is no proven case whether lactulose is secreted in human milk while breastfeeding or not, caution should be taken as some drugs being excreted in milk while breastfeeding which can harm your baby.

-Consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking lactulose.

-If diabetic, discuss with your doctor or pharmacist the alternative drugs of lactulose or other laxative medications

-Try to use natural remedies for constipation while breastfeeding which are much more safe for you and your baby. To know natural remedies and medical tips of Constipation, Click here.

-It can be a theoretical hazard for given lactulose if you have an intestinal test, colonoscopy, etc.. so tell your doctor before using it.

-Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you have are allergic from Lactulose.

-Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea are common side effects of Lactulose.

-Lactulose abuse may cause constipation.

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