Can I Take Cinnamon While Breastfeeding?

Cinnamon is a spice with various nutritional benefits including antimicrobial properties. However, is it good to take cinnamon while breastfeeding? To know the answer, you need to know about different types of cinnamon and how it can use on a regular basis. We will help you to respond to the question by proving all possible information.

Drinking cinnamon has various health benefits including weight loss and detoxification. If consumed in moderate amounts, it is safe for nursing moms in standard cases. However, if you consume fenugreek to increase milk supply, don’t use cinnamon along with fenugreek.

take cinnamon while breastfeeding

Both the herbs when worked together can lead to lowering of your blood sugar. As cinnamon has got no approval from FDA and there is no clear evidence about its effects, things remain unknown. You can add a small stick of cinnamon or a pinch of cinnamon powder to drinking water to make a cinnamon drink.

Can you eat cinnamon if you are breastfeeding?

While there is no clear evidence to confirm the reaction of the child if you eat cinnamon, some babies may react to spices. However, adding a pinch of cinnamon in your oatmeal doesn’t pass the cinnamon into your child’s body through breast milk.  If you baby is allergic to cinnamon, it can affect him if he eats cinnamon, but it doesn’t affect him when you have it.

However, if you eat cinnamon in high amounts and your baby is sensitive to the spice, symptoms like baby become fussy or gassy may happen. Some babies can also react to the smell or flavor of cinnamon in your breast milk. If you feel your child is restless because of it, stop eating cinnamon and observe your baby.  So, since there is no clear answer to the question can you eat cinnamon while breast feeding, it is better to have a guarded approach on this subject.

Cinnamon tea during breastfeeding :

    Is it ok to drink cinnamon tea during lactation?

Yes, it is ok to drink cinnamon tea during breastfeeding due to its several health benefits. From long back cinnamon has been using by breastfeeding moms due to its incredible medicinal properties. Cinnamon tea can improve brain functioning by boosting motor response.

It also has benefits on your making your heart health better and helps to prevent lung problems as well.  We can find 2 types of cinnamon, the Ceylon and Cassia cinnamon. The first one is the real variety but the second one is the most common type of cinnamon in use.

Cassia cinnamon, the common type has a higher level of coumarin which may cause some health issues. It is best to choose Ceylon cinnamon, but it is not available everywhere. The antioxidants present in cinnamon slow down free radical damage and keep you young.

It also works an anti-diabetic chemical as it lowers blood sugar levels.  As a new mom, it can help you lose that extra fat you gained during pregnancy. In short, cinnamon tea has various benefits for all your body parts and your overall health.

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    Benefits of cinnamon tea while breastfeeding :

Cinnamon tea has various benefits like antimicrobial properties and helps with digestion as well. Benefits of cinnamon tea are from its ingredients like Cinnamaldehyde and Eugenol. Eugenol helps in fighting both fungal and bacterial infections, and it can even heal wounds in your body. The chemical also helps with ingestion problems like stomach pain.

Another excellent property of Eugenol is its ability to boost enzymes that contribute to breaking down stubborn fat. The Cinnamaldehyde present in cinnamon is the chemical responsible for the flavor. It has several therapeutical properties like curing bad breath and protecting your teeth.

Breastfeeding moms who suffer from arthritis, tooth pain and fibromyalgia can have effective relief by consuming cinnamon tea daily. Cinnamon tea also improves your metabolic activity by increasing blood circulation and removes impurities from your body.

    How to include cinnamon tea in your diet

Breastfeeding moms can include cinnamon tea in their diet but try to stick on to 1-6 gm of cinnamon a day. Coumarin, when consumed in high amounts, can cause allergic reactions and liver problems at the worst. Add a cinnamon stick to a cup of water and bring it to boil. You can also add a regular tea bag or a decaffeinated tea bag as per your choice. After steeping for 10 minutes or so, your cinnamon tea is ready.

You can eliminate tea bags and use cinnamon stick alone or add a few herbs like dried thyme in it to make a healthy on caffeinated cinnamon tea. You can also buy a ready-made cinnamon tea mix from stores as it is easily available, They come in various flavors like cinnamon apple herbal tea, Orange peel cinnamon tea, and chamomile cinnamon tea, etc. These types of tea mixes are free of caffeine and hence gluten free.

    What is cinnamon bark tea?

Cinnamon bark is nothing but cinnamon taken from the cinnamon plant in whole bark form. In modern medicine, health practitioners recommend using cinnamon bark as a treatment for several chronic conditions like diabetes and cholesterol. However, it is best to talk to your doctor before using cinnamon bark in your diet especially if you have any particular medical condition.

Cinnamon bark tea is beneficial for breastfeeding moms in keeping away gestational diabetes. It contains chemicals that can mimic insulin and lowers your blood sugar. The oils found in the bark are also helpful to reduce gastric issues including flatulence. However, it is best to limit your intake to 2gm per day.

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Benefits of apple cinnamon water for breastfeeding moms?

Apple cinnamon water is the infused water which is a popular alternative to ordinary water. It is also an excellent choice if you want to get rid of excess fat from your body. Drinking plenty of water is a necessity for everyone including breastfeeding moms. If you get bored of drinking plain water, flavored water like apple cinnamon water can be a great alternative to ordinary water.

Apples are best fruits that can consume daily, it is rich with fibers and contains pectin which is good for your digestive system as well. Cinnamon is also a natural spice that can aid your weight loss and helps to remove toxins from your body. Apple cinnamon water has thermogenic properties which keep you dehydrated and revive your metabolic ability at the same time.

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Benefits of cinnamon oil while breastfeeding

Cinnamon oil extracts from the cinnamon plant, and it has many medicinal benefits. You can get 2 types of oil in the market, cinnamon bark oil, and cinnamon leaf oil. Although both of it comes from cinnamon, both are different and have varied uses.

Cinnamon leaf oil as the name suggests is an extract of cinnamon leaf and appears in light yellow. Whereas, cinnamon bark oil is a product of cinnamon bark and it has an intense red color as that of cinnamon.

Cinnamon leaf oil has a musky smell whereas cinnamon bark oil has a strong perfume like smell. Cinnamon oil has several properties like relieving depression, fighting aging, stimulating the immune system, etc., which is beneficial for breastfeeding moms. Lactating moms suffering from postpartum depression can use cinnamon oil to get relief considerably. Cinnamon oil is also able to reduce ulcer and related symptoms, and hence moms can use cinnamon oil while breastfeeding.

Effects of cinnamon powder for fat loss

You can add the cinnamon powder in your diet for effective weight loss. Cinnamon helps in suppressing appetite, regulate blood sugar and boosts your metabolism and hence helps in weight loss. If you are a coffee lover, add a pinch of cinnamon to your coffee to make it a weight loss friendly beverage.

You can also sprinkle some cinnamon to your daily portion of fruits bowl or juice. Cinnamon goes well with carrot juice, apple, and orange juice. It also makes a perfect addition to smoothies and in your oats.

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Honey and cinnamon :

    Can I drink honey and cinnamon while breastfeeding?

Yes, a breastfeeding mom can drink honey and cinnamon while breastfeeding but make sure you keep a check on the quality of the ingredients used. It is better to avoid raw honey and choose food quality pasteurized honey. Because raw honey may contain spores of Clostridium botulinum, which is a type of bacteria.

Although your digestive tract is not capable enough to kill those bacteria, so it would be better not to take an unwanted risk. Both cinnamon and honey are powerful ingredients that have many health and skin care benefits.

    Cinnamon and honey for weight loss

The cinnamon and honey combination is the biggest weight loss fad that you find in the online and offline stores. Unfortunately, we have no scientific evidence to prove that both cinnamon and honey works for weight loss.

However, each ingredient on its own has the power to burn fat in your body. Honey is a natural form of fructose and glucose, and it can reduce triglycerides better than artificial sugar. It also alters some hormones that are responsible for your appetite.  Cinnamon as you already knew, can promote weight loss by reducing insulin spikes. You can add honey and cinnamon along with water to make a drink or add both on your toast or oats.


It is safe for nursing moms to use cinnamon while breastfeeding, however, it is better to stick on to its natural forms. If you want to use cinnamon supplements, you should consult with to your doctor before consuming it.

Having cinnamon powder as condiments in your foods or other forms doesn’t harm you or your child. Albeit to all these plus points, if you or child shows any uneasiness after you consuming cinnamon in any form, it would be better to discontinue its use and consult your doctor.

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