Can I Put Vicks On My Chest While Breastfeeding ?

Breastfeeding becomes a unique identity of each woman in their life cycle. As a female, she needs to balance the care of a newborn with different ideas. Throughout their journey into motherhood, women get information about breastfeeding through their granny and mamas as how to stay healthy and food habits to nourish the new born infant.

Put Vicks On My Chest While Breastfeeding

At times, as you are imparting most of your nutrients to the infant through breast feeding, your immune power may get reduced in the form of cold, cough or sneezing. During those times, you may have an urge to apply Vicks on your chest and wondering whether to put Vicks on my chest while breastfeeding.  So this article brings out the implications on using Vicks while breastfeeding and the effects on baby’s health.

What is Vicks and how does it work?

Vicks is an ointment with mentholated topical ingredients. It is for topical application on the chest, back and throat during a cough, cold and also uses as a pain reliever. It also has been using to escape from mosquito bites. It consists of eucalyptus oil, levomenthol, synthetic camphor and turpentine oil.

When Vicks inhaled, the active ingredients help to relieve the blocked nose. Its cooling properties can reduce nose congestion, and contributes to breathing easier and relieves cold and cough as well.

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Is it advisable to put Vicks on my chest while breastfeeding?

Vicks is not that much harmful when in pregnancy. But, if you are nursing your baby, you should not apply Vicks on your chest, because the baby could inhale the vapor while feeding which could affect the breathing of the infant. It is advisable not to use menthol or camphor near the chest area where the child could inhale it. You have to be careful that babies may sometimes touch and it can irritate the baby skin as the camphor presents in Vicks may harm the baby’s skin.

In earlier days, the effects weren’t adverse. But nowadays some unacceptable chemicals found using in Vicks which may harm the baby and leads to respiratory problems. Some Pharmacists says that sometimes it may reduce the supply of milk. Rather, you can go for natural medication which does no harm to the infant.

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The best cold remedies while breastfeeding:

It is good to take natural medication than artificial as it may affect the child in one way or the other. Here you can find some of the remedies natural which can cure cold and sore throat.

  • A decoction made from elm bark is an excellent remedy for a sore throat
  • Take green tea with honey and lemon makes which is a good cure for a sore throat
  • For nasal congestion, try steam inhalation with few drops of Eucalyptus oil for better relief.
  • Drink warm water frequently
  • Gargle with warm water with salt gives relief for your throat
  • Apply Vicks on your feet and wear socks

Your confusion, can I put Vicks on my chest while breastfeeding may get a proper answer listening to expert opinion, as they suggest to adopt natural remedies. If you feel that the symptoms of cold are getting worse or feel feverish, you should consult your doctor immediately as you nurse the baby. So as a nursing mom, feel relaxed and go green with the natural remedies to keep your infant hale and hearty.

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