Can I Put Lotion On My Breast While Breastfeeding ?

Female breasts are very sensitive, multidimensional in function and they cannot take much of any trouble. Breastfeeding is a time when your breasts suddenly go through a lot of trauma and pain. You have to moisturize it and to take good care of your nipples and the skin around it. But again many of you may ask, is it safe to put lotion on my breast while breastfeeding?

You also have to be careful about what you apply topically on your nipples as you have a baby who is still breastfeeding. The best way is to talk with your doctor to know what kind of lotion or nipple cream you can use.

Put Lotion On My Breast While Breastfeeding

Can I use standard body lotions on my breast?

Yes, you can use all kinds of body lotions on your breast provided you are not allergic to it. Using any baby lotion like Johnson’s baby or Neutrogena is safe on your breasts as well. Just make sure that the product doesn’t contain any ingredients that can irritate or harm you.

Does it have any side effects?

Regular lotions contain chemicals including parabens. As your nipples are very sensitive, you have to make sure that it doesn’t cause irritations. Some lotions don’t give results exactly what they claim to do. It is better to do a patch test on your body before trying it on your nipples.

It will help you to find out whether you are allergic to certain ingredients in the lotion. Although it doesn’t cause any visible irritation, it is better to make sure that your baby doesn’t eat it. No lotion is natural, and it contains harmful chemicals and irritation causing ingredients.

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Can I put lotion on my breast while breastfeeding?

You can use all types of lotion on your nipples to soothe it but make sure that it doesn’t go inside your baby’s body.  If you are one of a kind who forgets to wipe off lotions before your feed sessions, then it is better not to use regular body lotions on your nipple.

Using food grade nipple creams like Lansinoh, which is better as you don’t have to wash it off before feeding your baby. Any regular lotion will have parabens, fragrance giving substances and other chemicals in it. So as a precaution avoid using it when you are breastfeeding. If at all you are using it, make sure to wipe off it before feeding.

The regular lotions are not safe for ingestion, and hence it is better not to allow it to pass to your baby’s body through breast milk. As general advice, it is not harmful if applying on your breast and around your nipples. However, make sure that you are not using into on areas of nipples where your baby’s mouth touches.

Although the ingredients might not enter into your ducts, it can directly enter your child’s mouth from your nipples. Hope it clear your doubt whether you can put lotion on breasts while breastfeeding.

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