Can Letting A Baby Cry Cause Brain Damage ?

Of course, any newborn baby cries, but at very different rates, there are very few children crying, they just cry when they want to ask for something, the opposite is also the baby crying constantly. Parents tired. But how much do babies cry?

Can Letting A Baby Cry Cause Brain Damage ?

Can Letting A Baby Cry Cause Brain Damage

Cry is the “tool” to keep the baby with the adult, so when the baby crying,  the child wants something, except for the health of the child is having problems, this is very normal.

But researchers have shown that the stresses of young children can have a negative impact on a child’s brain.

This means that persistent crying babies may increase brain blood pressure, increase blood pressure, and block circulation, potentially damaging the baby’s brain.

Also, when children cry without being coaxed, they will feel scared and lonely, which makes them cry more and more to raise their parents’ attention, resulting in higher brain pressure causing a lot of harm later on for her baby.

Infants who cry more will be slower and less intelligent

Infants who cry more will have an IQ score lower than those around the age of 9 and have difficulty controlling their feelings later in life.

And children are also slower than normal children in terms of mobility as well as the ability to socialize most basic.

Newborn babies cry a lot, making them insensitive

When she is too tired to let her cry and let the baby cry as much as she likes, at some point, the child will not cry anymore and can play alone, but do not rush .

Young children cry mainly to get attention to their parents, but if they realize that their parents do not “take care of” themselves, they will feel the loneliness and separation from their mother’s world, gradually formed the character of the baby, emotionless.

Infants who cry a lot will affect the relationships of family members

A child who grows up without the attention or comfort, encourages his or her parents to learn to cope with everything in their later lives, including bad things like delinquency or pregnancy. Unintentional for example and of course they will not ask the idea of parents because they know parents do not “mind” them.

Newborn babies cry a lot, making them feel unsafe

Infants who are raised by their parents in the future will form a lively and harmonious temperament, and those who are less likely to be comforted by their parents later will become emotionally nauseated, irritable or more closed-minded. They always feel insecure about their surroundings.

Infants also have their own needs

Like every adult, every child has a different need at different times, but he or she can not tell their parents what they want until they know how to speak,

Therefore, the baby can not do anything other than crying to “transmit” this to her parents, do not easily get angry when you cry, because they also need to change diapers, breastfeeding, or warmth, … Instead, parents should investigate the cause of their crying and provide the best treatment.

There are many ways to teach self-reliance, but the way babies cry is not because young children need a lot of love to grow up both physically and mentally.

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