Can I Take Tums While Pregnant ?

Take Tums While Pregnant

History Of Tums

In 1928, Jim Howe, a pharmacist, created tums in the basement of his house, to help his wife who was having indigestion problem. He shared it with his friends and soon it became popular and its manufacturing on commercial scale started.

Composition Of Tums

Tums is an antacid made by combining sucrose (a kind of sugar) and calcium carbonate.It is made by brand GlaxoSmit Kline. Its sugar free form is also available. It is an over-the-  counter (OTC) medicine.

Heart Burn In Your Pregnancy

Heartburn is a common problem when you are pregnant. About forty to eighty percent of all pregnant women face these symptoms. You may have this problem due to acid indigestion, acid reflux, change of diet, fluctuations in levels of hormones or crowding of the abdomen.

Heartburn during pregnancy may cause discomfort, complications and side effects.If you want to get rid of these symptoms by taking some safe medicine which is harmless for your baby and thinking about take Tums, this post will help you to get all the details. You will find out about the effectiveness of Tums and its safety profile.

Take Tums While Pregnant
Take Tums While Pregnant

Can You Take Tums In Your Pregnancy?

It is advised that you consult your doctor before taking Tums. Remember, Tums was not manufactured in a laboratory for medicine to treat heartburn during pregnancy. Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR) has categorized it into class C drug, which shows that the studies on animals have not shown any toxicity to the fetus, but its effect on human fetus is not known completely.

  • Tums provides immediate relief to heartburn during your pregnancy.
  • It also helps in adding calcium to your body, as during pregnancy you require 1000 mg to 1300 mg calcium daily.
  • Avoid taking Tums during first trimester of your pregnancy, because there are chances that it may cause teratogenicity in which certain abnormalities may develop in your unborn baby. First trimester is a critical time and it is best to be safe during these months.
  • Take Tums at a different time from your iron supplement. Keep a gap of one to two hours to get maximum benefits from both Tums and iron supplement.
  • Take dosage as prescribed by your physician. Do not exceed your dose.
  • Though Tums also provide calcium, do not take it as your calcium supplement during pregnancy. Take more calcium rich food like milk, yogurt, calcium rich fruits and dairy items.
  • If you have some problem related to kidney, or you are at a high risk of getting kidney disease, do not take Tums as it is rich in calcium, which may be harmful for kidneys.
  • If you are suffering from parathyroid glands problems, do not take Tums. Parathyroid glands are located at the back of thyroid glands and their disorder causes imbalance of calcium levels in your body. Taking Tums in parathyroid gland disorder may be dangerous for you and your baby.
  • Dryness in mouth, belching, pain in stomach, nausea, vomiting and frequent need to urinate may be some side effects of taking Tums while you are pregnant.

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