Can I Ride a Bike While Pregnant?

ride a bike while pregnant

Riding a bike is a great fun activity and also a good exercise. If you want to get information about exercise in pregnancy or want to ride a bike due to some domestic compulsion or for fun, you have come to the right place. This article will help you get this information in detail.

Exercise During Pregnancy

Doctors recommend different exercises during pregnancy to maintain physical and mental health. These exercises help in improving your mood, make your posture better, help in sound sleep and make your labor easier. Some exercises are safe for pregnant women while other are less safe. Selection of exercises while you are pregnant should be done after consulting the doctor.

Riding A Bike During Pregnancy

ride a bike while pregnant
ride a bike while pregnant

According to doctors and researchers, riding a bike during first and second trimesters of your pregnancy is fine. After 20 weeks or in your third trimester, you should avoid riding a bike, because at this stage of your pregnancy, your uterus is very large in size and your pelvis bones cannot provide protection to your pregnancy if you fall from the bike. At 20 weeks, our center of gravity is shifted due to the growing uterus, so there are more chances of you falling from the bike.

Baby bump may also cause problems in maneuvering the bicycle. During pregnancy, your ligaments are loosened and you may not have as good a balance as before. To avoid risk of falling and injuring your baby, it is advised to not to ride a bike in third and later trimesters. Falling from bike may cause internal bleeding,abdominal pain, contractions, leaking of fluid, or abruption of placenta. It can induce preterm labor as well.

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Precautionary Measures For Riding A Bike In Pregnancy

  • It is better not to ride a bike alone. Ride with a partner who may help you if you fall.
  • Riding time or distance depends upon the condition of your body on that specific day. Don’t go long distances if you feel tired or dizzy
  • Avoid riding a bike when it is too hot. Tie a cool handkerchief around your neck.
  • Keep your bike in a good working condition, as your growing belly may cause problems in adjustments in bike.
  • Keep a cell phone with you to call someone in case of emergency.
  • Keep water with you to avoid possible dehydration which may be caused due to sweating and frequent urination.
  • Paddling may put pressure on your bladder. While riding a bike, you must know the rest rooms locations in your way.
  • Do not attach an extra seat for your other children. It is better to use a cart for them.
  • Use bicycling bib shorts to get extra comfort for your belly.
  • In case of an accident, immediately contact your doctor for advice.

Remember, during pregnancy all your plans and expectations depend upon mood and condition of your body. One day you will not be able to ride on the bike, and the other day you will find it easy and fun.

And again, it is best to be safe and only use bicycle during the second and third trimester if you absolutely need to.

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