Can I Lie On My Back While Pregnant

lie on back

Pregnancy is a miraculous time, though a very stressful one. In this time period, you need all the rest you can get. However, sometimes it can be rather difficult to relax as no position seems comfortable enough. Add to this the fact that many women are apprehensive about the position they can safely adopt while sleeping, and you have a large number of women who spend restless, sleepless nights during pregnancy.

Many women are used to sleeping on their backs and are worried that this position might harm their baby. Today we will tell you how you can safely rest during pregnancy.

First Trimester:

During the first trimester you can safely sleep on your back, if this is the position you prefer.

Second And Third Trimester:

During this time, the size of the uterus enlarges as the baby becomes larger and the placenta develops. Experts advice that you should avoid sleeping on your back in these months, particularly as the pregnancy advances. This is because the uterus tends to press on the major veins of the body, which return blood from your body back to your heart. If you lie down on your back for extended periods of time, this blood flow may decrease.

It can also press on your back and other organs of the body

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What Can Be The Effects?

  • Prolonged decrease in blood returning to your heart can make you feel dizzy and disoriented.
  • It can also affect the blood flow to your baby and the placenta.
  • In the last trimester, the increased weight of the uterus can result in backache if you lie on your back for too long.
  • If you suffer from hemorrhoids, the increased pressure can worsen them.
  • You may suffer from digestive problems as the uterus presses on the intestines.

How Seriously Must You Avoid Sleeping On Your Back?

lie on back

If you commonly sleep on your back, it might seem difficult to sleep any other way. However, if you start training yourself early in the pregnancy, you will be more able to sleep on your side in the later months.

Also, sleeping on your back for short periods of time is not really harmful. For example, if you slept on your side but woke up on your back, don’t be scared. Shift to your side again and go back to sleep.

Which Position Should You Adopt?

Sleeping on your left side is the best option when you are pregnant. If you do not feel comfortable this way, try propping a pillow behind your back to provide support. You can also place one between your knees as it will help in stabilizing your back and make you feel more comfortable.

You can sleep on your right side, too, and not have any problem. Also, if you move about a lot while sleeping, that is not a problem either. Just consciously try to avoid lying on your back.

Lying stomach down is not a good idea after the first few months of pregnancy as it places too much pressure on your gravid uterus.

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