Can I Give My Baby Tums?

Some of the mothers are disagreed to give their baby Tums and some are fine with it. Tums is available in a tablet form. Like a candy, toddler under 2 years old can chew it easily. If you want to give your baby tums, you need to crush it and make it as fine as possible for your baby to consume.

It is not recommended for mothers to give their baby Tums if the baby is not 2 years old. Even a 2 or 4 years old toddler still need to eat Tums under an adult supervision to avoid choking risk. The choking risk is higher for a baby because a 6 months old baby is not able to sit up and chew just yet.

What Is Tums Use For?

can i give my baby tums

There is an active ingredient called Simethicone in Tums. This active ingredient is able to soothe stomach discomfort by breaking the gas bubbles in the baby’s gut. Tums is a medicine that mothers can use to help their children who have an upset stomach, indigestion, and acid reflux.

Aside from Simethicone, another active ingredient in Tums is calcium carbonate. It works as the antacid to and creates a less acidic condition in the stomach. This reaction is helpful to combat heartburn, acid reflux, and indigestion.

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When Can I Give My Baby Tums?

There are two types of Tums. Tums is available for adults and kids. However, Tums is not suitable for babies under 2 years old. If your baby is developing heartburn or acid reflux symptoms, please consult your pediatrician immediately. Do not give Tums to your baby unless it is directed by a doctor or pediatrician.

The ingredients in Tums and the tablet form are the reasons why Tums is not suitable for babies. Taking this medicine without a doctor/expertise advice is not a good idea.

What Can I Do To Avoid These Unwanted Conditions And Tums?

Are you feeling clueless every time your baby is crying? A baby under 2 years old is able to communicate with the parents by crying and laughing most of the time. The cry could be a result from 10 or more possibilities.

It is important for you to practice a good parenting method and pay a lot of attention to your baby. This is the only way for you to guess what is exactly happening to your baby. Do not give a medicine without proper observation or advice from your doctor because it will worsen your baby’s condition.

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It is not a good idea to give Tums to your 6 months to 2 years old baby yet. So the other option is to learn the good nutrition that supports healthy digestive system in babies. You also need to learn the good posture while feeding the baby and the good posture for baby to sleep. Here are some suggestions for the mothers to follow:

Feeding: Frequently feeding your baby is okay as long as the baby stomach is not too full in the end. You need to manage your baby meal time so the baby will not feel hungry and over-eat. A frequent feeding with the right portion will prevent the baby from having acid reflux.

Burp them more often: It is important to let your baby burp after each meal. It will help the baby to reduce the reflux risk. If the baby can’t burp properly, it will leave him feeling so uncomfortable.

Improve sleeping position: You have to put your baby on their back while sleeping. This position is very helpful to reduce heartburn risk and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Introduce fruits into the baby diet: If your baby consumes too much dairy products, you need to cut that out to avoid hard stools. To promote a smooth bowel movement to your baby, you should introduce them to high-fiber foods such as prunes, apricots, and pears.

Avoid allergy food: If your baby is having an upset stomach, do not give Tums right away. Please consult your doctor for a better option and then change the baby’s diet. If the baby is allergic to certain food and causing him to have the upset stomach, please remove the food from his diet. Baby sometimes allergic to gluten food, cow’s milk, and eggs. Please observe your baby if you have a family history of allergy food.

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