Can I Give My Baby Quinoa? What Is Benefits Of Quinoa For Baby?

Quinoa has been grown for more than 5,000 years ago especially in South America. Quinoa is not a grain. It is actually a seed that can be eaten. The Incas who live around the Andes Mountains called it “The Mother of Grain”. In their opinion, eating quinoa meant good health, body wellness, and longevity.

Quinoa is a seed that packed with a lot of essential nutrients for the body such as iron, calcium, and fiber. This seed is originally grown in South America now popularly growth in North America. You can identify where the Quinoa was harvested by only tasting it. Quinoa from South America is sweeter than the one from North America.

When Can I Give My Baby Quinoa?

Quinoa for baby

There is no doubt that quinoa is one healthy meal to consume. But still, this is the most popular questions among the readers. Quinoa is a seed that becomes very squishy after get cooked. And yes, you can give your baby quinoa. To serve it, you need to wait until your baby between 8 to 10 months old.

In a real interview with mothers, some of them start introducing solid food to their baby as early as 6 months old. Quinoa is a good choice because of the nutrients and consistency that your baby can enjoy. If your baby is allergic to nuts or a certain food, always consult your doctor or pediatrician before introducing new food to your little ones.

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Benefits of Quinoa For Your Baby

Source Of Protein:

A good alternative if you don’t want to introduce your baby to some protein sources such as meat, chicken meat, or fish yet. Quinoa itself is high in protein content. It contains amino acids that essential for the body as well. Protein is the nutrients for a healthy growth while amino acids need to be supplied from food source because our body cannot produce this important element.

Vitamin Supplier:

There is no need for you to buy vitamin supplement for your kids or your babies. Quinoa itself contains a plethora of essential vitamins such as Vitamin B, Vitamin E, and Niacin. The vitamin is better derived from the natural source and you should avoid supplying GMO food or junk food for the kids. For the sake of their healthy growth and development, quinoa is one of the recommended food for essential source of vitamin.

High In Antioxidants:

There are a lot of research and studies that proving quinoa is high in antioxidant as well. Antioxidant is important for the body to fight free radical damages. It can reduce the oxidation of the cell. Baby needs to fights free radical damages because it is hazardous to their DNA and even body cell. By consuming quinoa, you’re supplying a sufficient amount of antioxidants for your baby.

High In Good Minerals:

The important minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium can be found in quinoa. Baby needs a lot of mineral for their daily body and brain development. Therefore, quinoa is one of the right food choices for the baby. Every mineral carrying important benefits for healthy development of the bones, teeth, hemoglobin production and more.

Acts as a natural laxative:

If you’re looking for high in fiber type of food, Quinoa is one of them. High fiber in quinoa helps to promote a very good digestive system for the baby. Natural fiber is important to maintain smooth bowel movement for baby. The fiber in quinoa is insoluble fiber. Mothers will appreciate this benefit because it will keep the digestive system in a healthy condition and reduce flatulence in baby.

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How To Cook Quinoa For Baby

The cooking part is easy and the mothers can do it at home with ease. When it is time to cook the quinoa, think rice. The method is more or less the same. It is recommended to rinsing the quinoa before you start cooking it because it will help to get rid the bitter taste. Another way to cook quinoa is by toasting it.

How To Rinse Quinoa:  What you need are a strainer and tap water.  Since it is for the baby, it is better for you to rinse it before cook to get rid of any foreign matters. Under the running tap water, let the quinoa rinsed well as you desired.

How To Toast Quinoa:  Toasting quinoa is easy if you use a little bit of oil in the frying pan. Stir it constantly over medium heat. If the quinoa has turned golden brown, it’s time for you to remove it from the pan. Oil is only an option to toast quinoa. You also can toast it without using any oil.

How To Cook Quinoa:  Once again, think rice. Quinoa will expand almost twice of its size like rice once you cook it. It is always helpful to remember to add 2-3 cups of water per 1 cup of quinoa. Too much water will resulting the quinoa to be mushy but too little of water will resulting the quinoa to be undercook.

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Other Options To Serve Quinoa For Babies

Quinoa Baby Cereal:  This product is available in the market. Like other cereal that we make, you need to keep on stirring the cereal while you’re cooking. This method is to avoid any unwanted clumping and uneven cooking. The quinoa cereal powder needs to be added at least 1-2 cup of water for ¼ cup of quinoa.

Quinoa Flakes For Baby:  You can bake gluten-free bread from quinoa flakes for your baby. Please remember that the result is not as fluffy and light as the ordinary bread in texture. But the taste is still delightful for the adults and baby to enjoy.

Quinoa With Fruits For Baby:  Try adding more flavor to quinoa for your baby at home. If you’re making quinoa cereal, try to mix it with apples or banana. It is not only adding the natural sweetness to the quinoa meal but your baby will get extra nutrients from it.


If someone asks you, “Can I give my baby quinoa with herbs?” you should let him/her know that there are some herbs that best for cooking quinoa. Adding garlic, cinnamon and ginger are the best options. It is high in antioxidant and adding more flavor to the quinoa.

If your baby or any of your family allergic to certain food especially gluten, quinoa is your best option for food. Please consult your doctor to discuss the possibility of allergy before introducing new solid food to your family especially baby. There is nothing more important than a happy and healthy family.

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