Can I Give My Baby Onion?

Definitely yes. You can give your baby onions. Onions are healthy and full of health benefits. Besides, you should let your baby try varieties of food. Onions are non-allergic food, makes the meal taste delicious, and you can grow it easily in your own garden. Onions should be minced and then add into the cooking. You can add it to the soup, omelet, porridge, and even baby biscuits.

Why Onions Healthy To Eat?

Can I Give My Baby Onion

Onion carries a lot of health benefits. It is a healthy food that you should take every day to keep your body healthy. The incredible health benefits are such below:

  • Adding minced or sliced raw onions into your burger, sandwich, or salad will not only give you the fresh and sweet taste in your meal, but it will help you to combat bad cholesterol in your body. Raw onions keeping your body and cholesterol level in a good condition because it can lowers the production of bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol is something that we call Low Density Lipoprotein or LDL.
  • Cancer is the abnormality of the cell. Quercetin, an anti-cancer compound in onions preventing cancer cells from multiplying or spreading. By adding onions into your food, you’re supplying your body anticancer benefits.
  • Onions improves immunity and keeps the body to fight against diseases. There are some of phytochemicals and vitamin C carried by onions which are good to maintain a healthy and strong immunity.
  • Instead of onions, you should use the onions leaf as well. The green leaf on top of the onions contains a lot of Vitamin A. So if you see your onions is growing its leaves, do not chop it and throw it away. It is good for your eyes and skin if you consume it.

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What other Health Benefits Of Onions?

  • Onions can be used topically to treat wounds. Minced and crushed a good amount of onions and put it on top the wound will help it from infection. The wound also heals faster without a visible scar.
  • It is good to avoid inflammation.
  • You can extract the onions to get the onion juice. Onion juice is a remedy to relieve the pain after getting stung by the bee. It also eases the burning sensation faster.
  • Onions also good for your stomach and digestive system. It prevents your body from developing gastric ulcers.

Why Baby Should Eat Onions?

It’s not a doubt that Onion is a healthy food. A baby should be given onions because of its health benefits for the baby. It has the important vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that your baby can use every day.

Onions are high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is needed for a good immunity and protection against diseases.

The highest antioxidants are contained in shallots. Shallot is one of the onions types. Antioxidants prevent the baby from free radical damages and helps the baby to grow healthy cells every day.

Onions are good for the body because it helps to iron absorption. It is important for their blood cell production and healthy immunity.

There is anti-inflammatory properties in onions that good for the baby to combat asthma.

Polyphenols is a good properties in the onions. It helps to lower the cholesterol and blood pressure, good for the heart and artery condition, and prevent the platelets from clumping. Polyphenols is higher in onions compares to vegetables and bell peppers.

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When I can Give Onions To My Baby?

Your baby is ready for solid food when he is 6 months old. It is not recommended to give your baby raw onions because the taste is not suitable for his liking. By adding onions into his porridge or baby pierogi, this is how you can introduce onions to your baby’s meal.

How To Cook Onions For Baby?

Do you want to cook for your baby using onions as one of the ingredients? That’s a very good idea. Onions should be minced and then add into the cooking. You can add it into the soup, omelet, porridge, and even baby biscuits.

Can Baby Eat Raw Onions?

Onions are not risking your baby any allergy reactions. It’s a rare case that a person can be allergic to it. The biggest concern is, in a large amount of consuming, it may cause gas and uncomfortable feeling inside your baby stomach. It is not recommended to give your 6 months old baby a raw onion yet.

It is always better to cook the onions before serving it to your baby. It is sweeter and easier for baby to eat. If you want to give raw onions to your baby, you should wait at least he is 1 year old.

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How To Choose Onions?

Is today your grocery shopping day? Do you know how to choose a quality onion? Onions are easy to get and available in any market and grocery store. It is important for you to choose the onions so you can get it in the best shape and quality.

The best onions to cook with are such shallots and Vidalia. But any onions can go along very well in your dish too. When it’s time for you to buy the onions, please avoid dry onions or the moldy onions. Look for firm and clean onions only before buying. If it is squishy, smelly, and rotten, do not use it in your cooking. Growing your own onions is always a good way to keep yourself never run out of stock.

How To Keep Onions At Home?

After back from the grocery shopping, you should keep the onions in a cool and dry place. Onions should be kept in a well-circulated place. Keeping the onions in the fridge is okay, but remember to seal it in a plastic bag or use a container to avoid the onions from drying. To keep it in the freezer, you can peel it first and mince it. It will be ready for you anytime you want to cook it.

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