Can I Get A Tattoo While Pregnant ?

tatoo while pregnant

Description Of A Tattoo

The word tattoo has been derived from the Polynesian word tatau, which means “to write”. A tattoo is a body modification, in which design is made on skin by inserting dyes, ink and pigments either temporary or indelible.

The preserved mummies of remains of ancient humans show that tattooing has been practiced for many centuries and is far from a recent art.

Types Of Tattoos

tatoo while pregnant
tatoo while pregnant

Armature And Professional Tattoos

In different places and cultures, the symbolism pf tattoos vary. People get tattooed to show their emotions, sentiments, religious and cultural reasons. They also depict symbol of religious devotion, bravery decoration, pledge of love etc.

Cosmetic Tattoos

In cosmetic tattooing, both surgical and noninvasive procedures are used. This includes permanent make up and skin discolorations.

Functional Tattoos

This tattooing is mostly done for some purpose. For example, an Alzheimer patient may be tattooed with their name for their identification.

Medical Tattoos

They are used to check location of instruments for repeated radiotherapy and for areola in breast cancer. They are also used to convey medical information about blood group, medical condition etc. They are also used to cover skin pigmentation disorder.

Your Concern About Tattoo while Pregnant

Being pregnant is a memorable time. Maybe you want to get a tattoo to remember this period or you are worried about a previous tattoo while pregnant. The details given below will help you decide if getting a tattoo during your pregnancy is a safe option or not.

So Can I Get A Tattoo While Pregnant ?

mommy get tatoo

Risk Of Tattooing During pregnancy

Getting a tattoo will only be safe if the tattoo artist uses a new needle and sterilized equipment. Used needles are a huge health hazard. There are risks of getting an infection like Hepatitis B and HIV from the facilities if they are dirty and do not follow specific sterilization protocol. This risk is not huge as most reputable tattoo parlors do use new needles. However, during this delicate time it is better to be safe and wait till after the pregnancy to get your tattoo.

There aren’t any conclusive studies which show that ink used for tattooing can affect a baby adversely. However, keep in mind that while negative impacts have not been seen, there isn’t conclusive evidence which says it is completely safe, either. The risk is small if tattooing is done carefully, but again, it is recommended to wait until your pregnancy is over.

Safety Measures About Tattooing While Pregnant

If you decide to get tattoo while you are pregnant, adopt following safety measures.

  • Get Tattooing done by a registered or renowned practitioner.
  • The person must wear new gloves during the procedure.
  • They must have sterilizing equipment “autoclave”. Just washing the needle is far from enough and does not get rid of the germs.
  • Use new disposable needles.
  • Use sterilized and packed new dressing.
  • The room, floor and surface used should be properly cleaned.
  • Use sterilized ink or dyes.
  • You should have an easy access to your artist, so that in case of any problem, you can reach him.

Epidural And Tattoo

You may have heard stories about having problems in getting an epidural if you have tattoo at the back. Till now conclusive studies on this matter have not been done. Anesthesiologists do not face any problem giving an epidermal to woman with a tattoo on the back.

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