Can I Eat Peaches While Pregnant

There is no scientific evidence to confirm that gourd babies will cause the fetus to become dumb, deaf or hairy.

In contrast, peaches provide plenty of nutrients for pregnancy if the mother eats properly.

Peaches have a special aroma, sweet taste is very attractive people eat and contains high nutritional content good for health. Vitamins and minerals in peaches are also good for moms and fetuses.

eat peach while pregnant

  1. Prevent birth defects

According to experts, pregnant women eating peach during pregnancy will help prevent the risk of birth defects. Vitamins, minerals and folate in peach will help to reduce the risk of neural tube defects such as fetal cracking in the fetus. In addition, these nutrients also promote the full development of the baby.

  1. Enhance the development of the baby

Peaches are a good source of fiber and vitamin C for the growth and development of the baby in the mother. The nutritional content of this fruit also helps the muscles and blood vessels of the fetus develop well. In addition, the potassium content in peaches also helps prevent muscle cramps and boosts the mother’s energy during pregnancy.

  1. Good for the eyes

Peaches also contains lutein, an important nutrient for improving eye health and reducing the risk of eye disease in pregnancy. In addition, lutein acts as a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent the risk of developing cataract. A Vitamin and beta-carotene in peach also help maintain eye health, improve vision and prevent eye dryness, blurring. Another good food for the eyes is okra.

  1. Prevent the risk of hypokalemia

The potassium content in peaches is very beneficial for the mother’s nerve cells when pregnant. Potassium assists in the synthesis of protein and metabolism to maintain electrolyte balance and promote muscle activity. In addition, the nutrients in this fruit also help to reduce the risk of problems such as hypokalemic – which can adversely affect the health of the mother’s muscles during pregnancy and childbirth.

  1. Helps skin healthy

The peaches contains bioflavonoids, lutein, beta-carotene, C vitamin and antioxidants … that protect the mother’s skin from damaging surrounding and promoting healthy skin. C Vitamin also helps in collagen synthesis, maintaining skin tissue toned. Lutein helps protect your baby’s skin from the effects of free radicals and UV rays.

  1. Good for digestion

Fiber in peaches also helps promote the digestive system, maintaining the digestive system of pregnant mothers healthy. This fiber absorbs water easily, promotes smooth bowel movement, prevents the risk of constipation, ulcers, gastritis in pregnancy. In addition, this fruit also detoxification effect, toxin released from the mother.

  1. Prevent cancer risk

Chlorogenic acid in peaches helps block tumors, inhibits the growth of cancer cells and protects the mother from the development of colon cancer, lung cancer in the future.

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