Can I Eat Bitter Gourd While Pregnant?

Bitter gourd is a fruit rich in nutrients supplements for people’s health. However, many sources say that if pregnant women eat bitter gourd during pregnancy can cause harm to the mother and may be born prematurely.

Can pregnant women eat bitter gourd?

Can pregnant women eat bitter gourd

So what exactly that information or not? Please refer to the useful information below.

Due to the high content of nutrients found in bitter gourd, this fruit has received many choices from many people and for mothers.

High folate: As one of the most important nutrients in pregnancy, folate has the potential to prevent the risk of fetal neural tube defects. Mothers know that bitter gourd contains up to 25% of the nutritional needs of each mother. Bitter gourd contains high folate content, accounting for 25% of the daily needs of the mother’s folate.

Treating hemorrhoids and constipation: Constipation and hemorrhoids are always a constant concern of mothers, and how to prevent them is a constant concern of the mother. As a vegetable, the amount of fiber abundant in bitter gourd is enough to meet your needs and help mothers alleviate their anxiety about these two diseases.

Diabetic Prevention: In bitter gourd containing charatin, minerals are effective in preventing diabetes.

Strengthen the immune system: Pregnant women with weakened immune system, easily become the target of many types of pathogenic bacteria. During pregnancy, if supplemented with C vitamin will help mother electrify the immune system, speed up the healing process of the body.

In addition, C vitamin also helps increase the ability to absorb iron and calcium effectively. Contains a lot of C vitamin, bitter gourd meets 50% of C vitamin needs per day of pregnant women.

Provide nutrition for the body:  In the bitter gourd is also a lot of vitamins and minerals such as zinc, manganese, potassium, iron are all important vitamins and minerals for mothers and babies during this time.

However, in addition to the undeniable benefits of bitter gourd, in some cases, if the mother is weak or not healthy, be careful when using this fruit.

The harm when pregnancy eat bitter gourd
Harmful to digestive system:

According to some studies, eating too much bitter gourd causes the digestion problems such as bloating, abdominal pain, heartburn …

High risk of poisoning:

Do mothers know that in bitter gourd has high toxic components such as quinine, saponic glycosides and morodicine. When absorbed into the body, these substances can cause symptoms of poisoning such as nausea, blurred vision, rash, diarrhea …

Particularly when eating bitter gourd, mothers have to remember to remove the seeds because in the bitter gourd contains vicine, toxicity may cause headache, abdominal pain, even lead to coma for sensitive mothers.

Risk of miscarriage, premature birth:

Eating bitter gourd on during pregnancy can also cause uterine cramps, which is one of the causes that can lead to premature birth.

Reduced visibility:

In addition, in the bitter gourd is alkaline content can make the mother’s vision is blurred, the feeling of dizziness along with the phenomenon of mothers are more salivary and this is the cause mother easily nausea. Although this is not a big obstacle, it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Increased risk of anemia:

Scientific evidence has also confirmed that the content of vicine in bitter gourd can cause symptoms of anemia in pregnant women.

Ability of preterm birth:

The reason is that this fruit causes the uterus to bleed, contract and lead to miscarriage and the worst side effect of bitter gourd in pregnancy is that it can cause premature birth and miscarriage. So mom be careful with this fruit!

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