Can I Bathe My Baby After Vaccination ?

Should I bathe my child after the vaccination? Does the child get a shower after the vaccination? Does the child have a fever after bathing? These questions will be answered shortly.

Should I bathe my baby after the vaccination?

Can I Bathe My Baby After Vaccination

Many parents wonder whether to give the baby after vaccination or not? This anxiety is completely normal and quite common.

The reason is because after the injection, the injection site is an open wound (small negligible) so it is very easy to get infected. If exposed to water immediately, it is possible to facilitate the entry of germs into the body, damaging the baby’s body.

Normal water is basically clean but not 100% guaranteed. Unfortunatly if the bath water is infected something will affect the baby significantly.

Second point is due to side effects after vaccination, many children often have mild fever. At this point, bathing may make it easier for the baby to catch a cold.

Therefore, it is not advisable to bathe your baby right after vaccination. But just wait a few hours to bathe your baby as normal, without dieting.

Even children can swim after the injection, as long as they are not close and the child’s health is stable no matter what.

If the infant has a fever and is too tired to go to bed, he or she may not have a bath. But if the child is large or only mild fever, not too tired then okay, can still bath as usual.

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A few tips after vaccination

Children after injection often cry, discomfort in the person; Parents should try to make children feel safe, comfortable and love them more.

Make sure your child drinks plenty of fluids or juice after the injection, especially for infants to breastfeed.

In addition, children may feel a bit hot, you should take off a shirt outside but still make sure she does not get too cold.

The injection will usually be swollen, itching a little; It will only last for a few minutes and disappear on its own; Parents do not need to do anything.

But if it lasts for a few hours you can apply a clean cold towel on it. If signs of infection, injection site (red swelling, ulcers, …) you should see the doctor immediately.

Fever is also a common side effect; it is usually mild and lasts only 1-2 days. Do not abuse drugs like paracetamol or ibuprofen in this situation unless your child has a high fever.

Allergic to the vaccine is rare but not without. Manifestations are usually itchy or all over the body, even a rash. Call your doctor and get advice.

Anaphylactic shock is also rare, manifestations are: convulsions, shortness of breath and falls to the ground. In this case you need to call emergency immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

After vaccination, how often do you get sick?

Mild fever is a side effect after vaccination, quite common but not all children have a fever after vaccination. This depends on the type of vaccine and the body of each baby. In addition, the duration of the fever and the duration of the prolonged fever will vary from each children.

Some children have a few hours later, but some have to wait a few days, even after 1-2 weeks to begin the fever.

Children with fever should not shower?

If the fever is mild then okay, can still bathe normally; But if children are high fever should temporarily wipe the baby, when the temperature drops, then should take a bath.

Note, do not take cold or cold water with fever should take a warm bath and also do not bathe for too long, so bath in a room full of air.

What time should a child be bathed?

Just avoid the early morning and late at night, because children are very susceptible to colds even when the shower is warm. It is best to bathe the child between 8am and 7pm, if the infant should shower between 9h-16h.

If it is summer, you can take a shower at 8-9pm, but still use warm water; As such, children will sleep better.

Should children bathe before eating or after eating?

Bathing before or after eating is ok. If bathing after eating, should wait at least 1 hour to avoid affecting digestion, may even cause vomiting.

Hopefully after watching this article, you have resolved the question “Should I bathe the child after the vaccination? Does the child get a shower after vaccination? Does the child have a fever after the injection? “And also know how to handle the situation after the child has been vaccinated.

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