Can I Give My Cat Pepto-Bismol?

Although Pepto-Bismol is a worldwide famous relief for numerous gastrointestinal troubles, you really should think twice before giving some to your cat, as it may do more damage than good.

What Is Pepto-Bismol?

Can I Give My Cat Pepto-Bismol

Pepto-Bismol is a commercial brand of bismuth subsalicylate, or, in other words: an anti-acid medicine sold over-the-counter and used to treat lighter symptoms of any gastrointestinal troubles, like an upset stomach after a session of overeating, diarrhea, nausea, heartburn and so on. It is usually sold in form of a liquid, although it does come in other forms like chewable tablets, and is known for its strong pink color and a specific taste, usually described like bubble-gum, or strawberry milkshake, or something of the sort.

The brand itself has been made popular through mentions in different forms of pop-culture, mostly movies, and is often thought synonymous to any stomach medicine. That is why some people find it logical to give it to their loved pets, when they suspect they too have an upset tummy.

Do You Have A Reason To Give Your Cat Pepto-Bismol?

Although most medicine given to animals is often the same or similar to those given to humans, be wary as those always need to be prescribed by a veterinarian, after a careful examination of your pet. Even if you think you know your cat in and out, giving your pet a medicine of any sort, without consulting anyone from the profession can be very dangerous, as there are plenty of things that pets can’t take, and you never know what kind of a reaction your cat might have after having it. Also, before you give them anything, make sure they are actually sick or feeling funny.

The truth is it is often difficult to tell if your pet has any stomach problems, unless it’s obvious, like in the cases of vomiting or diarrhea. If you feel your cat is a bit under the weather, observe it for a day and make sure it has an easy access to plenty of water. If there is always food available for it, remove it from its sight and don’t give it any.

In a matter of a day, if it wasn’t anything serious, your cat should be back to its old self, and you can try giving it something light to eat, like its usual granules or dry food. However, if you see it has a case of serious diarrhea or vomiting, take it straight to the veterinarian, as it might be even poisoning, in which case it is crucial to be quick to react.

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What If You Give Your Cat Pepto-Bismol?

For the reason mentioned above, there is absolutely no need for you to give your cat any kind of stomach medicine on your own, but there are people that do it anyway, and it’s their choice. There are also cases where the veterinarians themselves would prescribe some dosages of Pepto-Bismol to pets, but those were given to dogs and again, under the strict control of a doctor and with the decision of their owner.

The research shows that Pepto-Bismol contains salicylates, which can cause toxicity to which cats are more likely to have a reaction to, as it takes their bodies longer to get rid of it, making it easier for the toxicity to build up. If you think about it, since Pepto-Bismol is such a strong brand, they would have advocated their use for pets themselves if they thought it was a right marketing choice. But they don’t.

So if you see that your cat is behaving funny, or even shows actual signs of tummy problems, the best thing to do is to take it to your vet and have it checked out as its problem might be either nothing serious that needs no treatment, or something greatly serious that needs quite a bit more than any over-the-counter medicine. After all, the cat can’t tell you how it feels in its own words, so don’t make decisions you might regret afterwards.

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