Can I Give My Baby Turmeric? Effects Of Turmeric On Baby?

Wondering what to give your baby when he is turning 6 months old? You can introduce him to solid food on that day. Solid food not always have to be bland. You can add flavor from fruits, herbs, and vegetables. Can I give my baby turmeric? Of course, it is healthy for your baby. Turmeric rich in minerals and vitamins. Ancient people using it for medications and body wellness.

What Is Turmeric For Baby?

can i give my baby turmeric

Turmeric looks like ginger in structure and it belongs to the ginger family. Many years ago, people from East India and the Middle East using this herb as part of their cuisine and medicine. Turmeric in cooking gives the beautiful yellow color and for medication, it can heal the wounds. And Turmeric offers more than that after more discovery was found.

Turmeric doesn’t have sharp taste like Saffron. It gives wonderful color to curry, rice, and soups. As for medications, turmeric is a natural remedy for treating jaundice, skin problem, wounds, bruises, and flatulence. Turmeric is domestically found in South East Asia, Middle East, and Asia. All around the world enjoy using Turmeric to add more flavor to their cuisine and it is effectively useful for beauty and health.

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Effects Of Turmeric On Baby

Turmeric is healthy and has been used for many years ago for beauty and health purpose. It has healing powers and it becomes one of the best nutritional supplement today. It is not only adding special flavor in your spicy curry, but it can give you a lot of health benefits at the same time.

Turmeric is a natural remedy for many diseases and health issues. There is a property named Curcumin in turmeric that helps to combat inflammatory reaction. Rather than opting drugs from the pharmacy, consuming turmeric will strengthen your immunity and fight inflammation.

Turmeric is a natural ingredient that reviving the body and maintain its healthiness. It doesn’t leave any toxic traces and safe to be consumed daily. Curcumin also an anti-cancer property that can destroy cancer cells and stop it from spreading. By consuming it daily, it will prevent your body from cancer or cell mutation.

Turmeric is recommended to diabetic patient because it can balance the sugar level. Turmeric also able to lower the cholesterol level in the body and reduce the risk of artery-clogging that can lead to heart disease.

Why Baby Should Eat Turmeric?

After knowing all the health benefits of turmeric to adults, same thing will go to the baby too. The bioactive component that found in Turmeric called Curcumin is the useful properties to promote a healthy body for baby.

Turmeric is high in antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that help the babies to grow healthily. It can be used topically to baby skin to treat wound, skin infection, and even eczema. It also can be used topically to baby’s scalp to treat itchiness and promote hair growth.

Never afraid to add turmeric into your baby soup or porridge. It helps to improve your baby digestive system and maintain a smooth bowel movement. It removes winds and prevents baby from bloating problem. The potent antioxidant properties of turmeric can support standard cancer treatments.

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How To Add Turmeric In Baby’s Food?

There are two choices of Turmeric in cooking. One is turmeric powder and the second one is the turmeric plant itself. Turmeric can be added to baby soup, vegetable puree, omelet, and porridge.

If you want to use a real turmeric, you have to clean it first and peel the skin. Chop or mince it finely before adding it into your baby food.

It is easier to use turmeric powder, but you have to make sure that you keep stirring the food to avoid the powder from clumping.

If you want to make the baby vegetable puree, you can add a little bit of turmeric or turmeric powder into the food processor. It also goes well in soup. You can add turmeric cubes or turmeric powder into the soup and serve it to your baby.

What Other Turmeric Dish For Baby

Turmeric also can be added into juice, salad, and cakes for babies. A fresh turmeric can be grated and then added into carrot juice or orange juice. You can strain it before let your baby drink it. There is also a recipe for turmeric smoothie. You can add turmeric into milk and add a little honey to make it a little bit sweeter. It has a lot of vitamins that not only good for your baby but also good for adult too.

Maybe salad is not suitable for your baby yet, but if he starts teething and eating well, you can give them vegetables. Boil carrots or potatoes and add some turmeric for flavoring.

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If you want to make a sponge cake for your baby, you can add grated turmeric or turmeric powder. It is not only for the flavor but the baby will be attracted to the color as well.

Turmeric is safe for baby and you should try to give them as early as 6 months. It has a lot of health benefits especially to prevent your baby from microbial infection, upset tummy, and skin diseases. If you suspect that your baby is allergic to turmeric, please consult your doctor right away. It is a rare case for a baby to have an allergic reaction but never hesitate to seek advice from your doctor.

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