Can I Give My Baby Raspberries? And What Age Can Give ?

Although raspberries are a delicious, healthy and fun fruit to eat, they tend to provoke allergies in some people, which is why it is best for them to not be the first fruit you decide to give to your baby, but are still an option in its later diet.


Can I Give My Baby Raspberries

Interestingly, raspberries are one of the healthiest fruits to consume as they are filled with Vitamin C and antioxidants. They are also very low in natural sugar and are recommended for people who struggle with weight-loss and high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, as they belong to the same fruit family as cherries and strawberries, they are a bit more likely to provoke allergies in babies and adults than other fruit, because of the same kind of a chemical they naturally contain, called salicylates. That is why it’s best to start off with some other fruit and then gradually introduce raspberries to your baby’s diet.

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Once your baby grows up enough and becomes ready to slowly shift towards eating solid foods, (which will happen at either four or six months of age, and not excluding the breast-milk or the formula during the process), you will be advised to introduce gluten-free foods first that have the lowest risk of triggering any kind of allergic reactions.

Each time you give your baby something new to try, you will be told to wait three to five days to see if there are any changes in your baby’s health. Then, step by step, food by food, you will expand your baby’s diet. You can mishmash a little bit and give your baby a new vegetable to try, then a new fruit, then a new kind of cereal etc.

Some of the best fruit to give to your baby in the beginning are bananas, apples and peaches, as they are good for their tummy’s and have a low risk of provoking any allergic reactions. It is best to put off giving raspberries until the baby has tried other foods that are easier to digest. Of course, if your baby happens to taste a raspberry before that time, don’t panic as the chances are that nothing bad should happen.

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Just keep your eye on the baby for a day or two and introduce raspberries again when you feel it’s ready to give it a proper try. Some guides recommend waiting as long as for the baby’s first birthday before actually giving them raspberries to try.


Raspberries are not only delicious, but also a fun fruit to play with. Everyone has tried putting them onto their fingertips and then eating them one by one. That is why they can be a great fruit to give to your baby, especially if they are not fond of eating fruit in general or are perhaps picky eaters all together. Also, you can be very creative when it comes to using raspberry as an ingredient that can be added to different types of meals your are preparing for your baby.

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You can cook porridge with it, or just add fresh raspberries to a mixture of cooked rice and milk (breast-milk or formula). You can add them to muffins, pancakes, and create delicious smoothie or juice combinations with them. Just be careful not to buy raspberries in bulk because they are a fruit that spoils easily. Luckily, you can freeze them by portions and use whenever you need.

All in all, you can give your baby raspberries; just don’t make it one of the very first foods nor fruits it tries as they are more likely to trigger allergic reactions.

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