Can I Give My Baby Peaches? When To Give ?

Peach is one of the first fruits you will be able to give your baby to eat, so read on if you are interested in how to introduce this delicious food into the baby’s diet.


can i give my baby peaches

After a few months of living on only breast-milk or formula, your baby will need to have other foods introduced into its diet, to keep itself growing big and strong. The goal is to have it eating as healthy as possible, and adjusting it to what its family and surroundings are able to offer it when it comes to food.

When your baby reaches four or six months, depending on its development and the advice your doctor will give you, you will be able to include foods other than milk in your baby’s diet. Please note that it is always best to talk to your paediatrician first, before you even decide to make a big change in your baby’s diet.

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At first, you will be advised to expand your baby’s diet by giving it gluten-free foods like rice or corn-flour, blended with either breast-milk or formula into a not-so-fancy porridge. As there is a lot going on in the body of your baby at that stage, like perhaps teething or even some colic or indigestion still, you will have to be careful to include new foods three days at a time, just to make sure the baby gets no allergies from what you are giving it to eat.

One of the first fruit you will be able to give your baby is peaches. It has so much goodness in itself, and is so easy to digest; it might as well be the very first. As any fruits and vegetables, peaches are high in different vitamins, like Vitamin C and A. They contain fibre and are very helpful if your baby is suffering from constipation or tummy problems. Just be careful not to give the baby too much all at once.


There are two ways you can begin giving your baby peaches, and which one you choose, again, depends on your preferences and you paediatrician’s advice. The first one is to boil the peach and remove its skin, as this will minimize the possibility of giving the baby a tummy ache.

One trick to remove the skin of the peaches easier is to sip boiling water over the fruit and then just peel it off by hand. Once you have boiled the peaches, you can blend it into a paste, or add some water (preferably the water it has been boiling in) and make a juice out of it, or even mix it with some rice and milk for porridge.  Once your baby is past eight months of age, you can stop boiling the fruit you give it.

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The other way you can give peaches to your baby, is to give it raw and cut into little pieces. Just note that the best time to do so is when your baby is already sitting and has a few teeth to help prevent a joking. You can make a fun game out of the whole experience if you put some tiny pieces on the high chair so that the baby can touch and play with the fruit, exploring the new taste.


Overall, if you are looking to start expanding your baby’s diet, peaches are a good fruit to start off with. Also, if your baby is already eating other fruits with no problem, like apricots or nectarines, peaches will just be a delicious add-on to the already yummy collection of foods it can eat.

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