Can I Give My Baby Green Tea?

Although some types of tea can prove to be helpful in the early stages of your baby’s life, it is best to keep away from giving your baby green tea or any other caffeine-rich drinks.


can you give your baby green tea

Babies come to the world as brand new little humans that have been through the minimal influence of our surroundings. During the first few months, they rely on their mother’s breast-milk, ideally, or formula if needed. Because they are so tender and fragile, it is a good idea to get your hands on a good baby food guide, either in form of a book or just simple notes from your paediatrician. That way, you will be confident when it comes to expanding its diet in time.

As mentioned before, babies live off only milk, until they are four or six months old. Then, once your doctor gives you thumbs up, you will begin to include other foods into its diet by introducing something new every three to five days, to be able to monitor any changes or possible food allergies, and react in time. Babies can’t eat just anything, not until they are at least twelve months old, and teas are drinks that have to be given to them with caution and only if there is good reason to do so, like tummy problems, for example.

Giving your baby green tea can do it more harm than good, that is why it’s best to stay away from trying to introduce it into its diet, even if it’s in a form of an ice-tea or mixed with any other food.

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Tea in general is rich in caffeine which increases heart rate and is a diuretic. Even caffeine-free tea has some left-over caffeine in it. Although green tea has been proven to have a number of positive effects on the health of people (of course, all depending on the study you come across), it is best to avoid giving it to babies, especially on a regular basis.

All those things you read about, like cancer prevention, are outweighed by the fact that the baby can get negative side-effects, and the truth it that not many studies, if any at all, have played with the effect green tea has on human babies. Of course, nothing major should happen if your baby licks the tea from your cup by accident or just finds itself trying it somehow apart from maybe an allergic reaction, but there is no need to expose your child to the effects of green tea until it is old enough to drink caffeinated drinks.


If you are wanting on which types of tea you should include in your baby’s diet, the answer is – none. Not unless you think it will help them in some way, and always consult a paediatrician before giving tea to your baby. Tea is not a supplement for any kind of liquid intake; it can only be an add-on if there is a good reason for it.

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Sometimes, babies with tummy problems are given mint or cumin tea to ease their colic, or some other tea when they catch a cold, but there is no actual reason for you to include tea in their diet. Breast milk, formula, home-made fruit juice (when they are old enough) and just plain water are all the liquids they need to help them grow strong and healthy.

Overall, if your baby has had a sip of green tea by accident, don’t panic as most probably nothing bad will happen because of it, just don’t try to include green tea in your baby’s diet.

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