Can I Give My Baby Frozen Fruit?

It is easy to obtain food in our modern world today. You can buy it online and offline for any type of foods you want. Can I give my baby frozen fruit? Have you ever asking yourself this question? Even the answer is YES, but fresh food is always the best for your baby. Let’s read more about frozen food here.

When Can I Give My Baby Frozen Fruit?

Can I Give My Baby Frozen Fruit

You can introduce solid food to your baby when he is 6 months old. Solid food for the babies should be cooked and safe for baby to swallow. Which means don’t contain any foreign matters, fish bones, and no chemicals. To give the baby a frozen fruit is okay as long as you cook it and process it into another form of food such as puree or baby smoothies. The baby can eat frozen fruit but with the adult supervision to avoid choking and freezing sensation on their palm.

Fresh Fruits vs Frozen Fruit

Fresh Fruits:

Either you grow it by yourself or you get it from the fresh market near you, fresh fruits are the best option for the fruit lovers. Organic fruits are the best because it doesn’t contain any pesticides or chemicals that will harm your body.

Fresh fruit contains a lot of vitamins, fiber, and minerals that we need in our body. As for babies, they need all the nutrients above to support their healthy development every day. Their eyes, internal organs, brain, teeth, and digestive system are all depend on the nutrients that the baby could receive every day to be healthy and develop normally.

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Frozen Fruits:

Frozen fruits are the alternative option when the fruit is a seasonal fruit. When you can’t find it off-season, frozen fruit is the next choice so you can enjoy your favorite fruit anytime. Frozen fruits are available at any grocery stores. The ripe fruit are picked and processed into a frozen product before selling.

The nutrient content is rather more or less the same with the fresh fruit itself. The concern about frozen fruits are safe is the procedure had been done from farm to market. The frozen fruit might get contaminated by chemicals, foreign matters, and even added with artificial preservatives.

The texture and taste of frozen food may affected as well because of the whole process to freeze it. You might have to try several products before knowing which company that produce best frozen fruit that worth for you to buy.

Why Baby Can Eat Frozen Fruit

However, it is okay to give your baby to eat food made from frozen fruit once in a while. Fresh fruit is always the best, but when it is not available due to off-season, frozen fruit is there as the substitute. Frozen fruit can be added into your baby’s meal such as fruit puree and fruit juice.

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Frozen fruit also can be made at home by yourself. So it is you who knows the quality of the fruit before you want to cook it for your baby. By the good hygiene practice and choosing the right fruit before freezing will ensure the quality of your frozen fruit at home.

Frozen fruit does contains a lot of nutrients but eating a frozen fruit directly from the fridge is not ideal for your baby. That’s why some of the nutrients are gone because you’re cooking or heating the fruit before processing it to become a fruit puree, fruit cakes, or fruit smoothies.

The Best Frozen Fruit For Baby

Do you want to make a frozen fruit by yourself at home? The best frozen fruit for baby are peaches, pumpkin, apricot, watermelon, banana, and squash. Berries are great too. It contains a lot of minerals and vitamins that good for your babies. So if you are planning to make some, those are your best options.

Please avoid rotten or unripe fruit before freezing. It is not recommended for you to serve your baby unripe or rotten fruit even you’re cooking it for your baby.

Notes When Giving Your Baby Frozen Fruit

It is important to have this knowledge before going out to shop for the frozen fruit. There are varieties of fruit products at the market such as fresh fruit, canned fruit, and frozen fruit. Fresh fruit is what the customers always been looking for.

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To look for a quality frozen fruits, you should know these tips. This the simple and easy to remember guide before buying frozen fruits for your baby.

  1. Check the packaging: Do not buy the product if the packaging is broken, torn, or revealing the product inside. There is a possibility that the product is already contaminated with foreign matters or bacteria.
  2. Temperature: The temperature should be in 0 F (-18 C) to store the frozen fruit. If you’re going to the market and the freezer temperature is not complying, it is not recommended for you to buy the frozen fruit.
  3. Choose Organic: Try to look for organic frozen fruit. Usually, you can see the word on the packaging. That means, the company is using organic fruit to produce their product.
  4. Avoid lumpy: If the frozen fruit looks lumpy, that is a sign of thawing. It has been thawed and re-freeze again. This frozen fruit is okay to eat, but the taste is compromised and less nutritious.
  5. Expiry date: Every manufactured food should be labelled with expiry date. Frozen fruit has 6 months to a year of shelf-life if the product is keep frozen. Expired food is not only bad for baby, but it is bad for anyone too.
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