Can I Give My Baby Basa Fish?

Do you want to give your baby fish? Of course, you can. The rule is, do not give your baby raw fish, make sure it is boneless and soft enough to avoid choking. Basa fish is a type of catfish from Vietnam. Catfish is very important to Vietnam and they made a lot of tasty recipe with it. Catfish and Tilapia are the most popular fish in the US too by the consumer choice.

Basa fish is good in taste and very cheap in price. It has a high demand in the fish market too. Basa fish is healthy because it contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids which combat high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Therefore, by introducing it to the baby, you are supplying essential nutrients to your little ones. It even good for preventing cancer.


When Should I Give My Baby Fish?

Most of the mothers are aware of this question. They suggest to not give baby fish until he is 3 years old. If you think about white fish like Basa fish, you can introduce him earlier depends on what type of recipe you’re making. Adding Basa fish in porridge and refined it using a food processor is suitable for baby of 6 months old. But as for shellfish and crustaceans, it is never a good idea to introduce it under 3 years old to your baby.

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What Is Basa Fish?

Basa fish is the type of catfish which are native to Vietnam. It is easily found in the Mekong Delta River and Chao Phraya basin in Vietnam. Vietnamese people appreciate catfish and having it in their cuisine almost daily. Basa fish from Vietnam also imported to several countries around the world such as United States, Canada, and Australia.

Basa fish is a catfish that feed on plants. It will look for its own food that could be found in the river. This fish is available all year long in Mekong Delta River and Chao Phraya basin. The flesh is white and slightly pink while the skin is shiny.

Is It Nutritious?

Yes, it is very nutritious. Basa fish from Vietnam is organic because it lives freely in the river. Raw basa fish contains omega-3 fatty acids just like other fish such as mackerel and sardines. It is low in fat too. For those who love seafood, Basa fish is not high in cholesterol such as shellfish.  So, it is a great choice for surf and turf dish, fish curry, fish and chips, fish stew, and more healthy recipes. Let’s talk more about nutrition here:

Calories: Low In Calories. Very good for those who under weight loss program. As for babies, you can give Basa fish as a side dish in their meal.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Two serving of basa fish every week will provide your baby with omega-3 fatty acid which is good for their heart. Besides that, by consuming basa fish, they will receive more nutrients such as DHA and EPA which is contained in the fatty acids which are good for their brain development and healthy skin.

Protein: Protein is a very important nutrient for baby’s body development such as to build new tissues and healthy organs. Just like any fish, basa fish is rich in protein and lower in cholesterol compared to eggs.

Fat: Basa fish contains dietary fat, which is good for the baby. It supports proper growth and development.

Carbohydrates: Fish is a low-carb food because it contains almost zero carbohydrate. Basa fish is a high-protein food. You need to give your baby carbohydrates by feeding him rice porridge.

Sodium: There is a little trace of sodium in basa fish. It is healthy for a baby to consume natural sodium from their food.

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Where To Buy Basa Fish?

If you can find a wet market that selling fresh basa fish, that is a great place to buy it. It is important to buy cooking ingredients as fresh as you can. We need the food to be fresh because we want the nutrients in it for our body.

A fresh basa fish should look firm and the fish eyes are shining. The gills should be red or pink, never black or look slimy. The fish should be white on the outside and shiny overall. If you see a dull looking flesh, that means the fish were caught many days ago.

One more tip is, if you see the fish is firm but inside of the fish is black in color, that fish is contaminated with artificial formaldehyde. You can ask the permission from the fishmonger to test the fish skin elasticity. Once you pressed it, the skin should bounce back. It is a sign of freshness.


It is okay to introduce Basa Fish to your baby. The fish fillet is smooth and easy for baby to chew. It full of nutrients that benefit your baby. You can give Basa fish to your baby and we sure your baby enjoys the healthy and tasty food too.

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