Can I Get The Depo Shot While Breastfeeding ?

The effect of contraceptive on breast feeding mom is a hot subject over the years. It is a common reason for worry, believing that it would create an adverse effect on milk production or affect your baby. Most new moms frequently ask this question, whether it is okay to get the depo shot while breastfeeding.

On a general perspective, contraceptive methods available today are not problematic, but some birth control medicine can affect milk secretion. So let’s look how Depo shots affect you and how effective it is.

What is a depo shot?

Get The Depo Shot While Breastfeeding
How Depo shots affect you and how effective it is ?

Depo Provera or medroxyprogesterone is a type of progesterone known as depo shots. They are nothing but progestin a hormone responsible for stopping women from getting pregnant. It uses as an injection that has to be taken every 3 months so as not to get pregnant. In different countries, it is available in various forms, and the common version is known as Depo Provera.

The depo shots injected into the upper arm muscles or butt muscles. It basically prevents ovulation and thereby stops pregnancy. Along with preventing ovulation, it also makes the cervical mucus thick. When the cervix becomes thick, the sperm will not be able to enter inside. In short, it does everything so that the sperm and egg don’t unite.

Can I get the depo shot while breastfeeding?

Yes, it is safe for you to get depo shots to prevent pregnancy even while breastfeeding. The progestin in it will not get transmitted in a significant amount. Even if a little amount passed into the breast milk, it would not affect the quality or quantity of your milk in any ways. The only thing is, you have to use it correctly to get the full benefits. If done rightly, this method is 99.5 percent effective.

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Do depo shots have any side effects?

Depo shots are very safe, and most of them use without any issues at all. However, there are some changes may occur to your body. During the initial month, there can be unusual bleeding or spotting. You may also experience, your period stop completely within a year’s usage. But your body can returns to normal once you stop the shots.

Some of the other side effects associated with depo shots are weight gain, mild headaches, nausea, hair loss or hair growth on your body, and even depression in certain cases.  After stopping the depo shots, you will have to wait for about 10 months if you are planning to conceive again.

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Whenever you use any contraceptive methods, including depo shots, use it with caution.  Meticulously follow your health care practitioner advises. If you want to take it every 3 months, do not break the sequence. So far, no serious breast milk generation issues have reported yet and it is safe to get the depo shot while breastfeeding.

If at all, you experience any milk production issues, talk to your doctor to determine whether it is due to depo shots or not. As it is a long term pregnancy prevention method, if you want to delay it further, it would be better to consider other contraceptive measures with due consultation with your doctor.

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