Can I Get A Tetanus Shot While Breastfeeding ?

Many health journals and various health organizations have categorically confirmed that tetanus vaccine has no contra effects on the supply of breast milk or can create any health problem to the breastfeeding mom. So, it is safe to get a tetanus shot while breastfeeding.

Many people have a confusion on this subject and keep on asking ‘can I get a Tetanus shot while breast feeding?’ The answer is, YES ; and following are the concise information about the tetanus shot.

What is a tetanus shot?

Can I Get A Tetanus Shot While Breastfeeding

Tetanus toxoid injections provide immunity against tetanus, commonly known as lockjaw. The infection shall be severe in nature and caused by Clostridium tetani, a germ which attacks muscles and the nervous system. It is found in soil and dirt and enters our body through cuts and wounds.

It is an intramuscular injection with a composition of tetanus toxoid, aluminum phosphate and thiomersal prepared in a sterile isotonic sodium chloride solution.  The injection is clear or mild turbid in appearance.  People are skeptical about these injections due to its composition.  But it is safe to the health of mother and infant. The vaccines do not contain live bacteria and are generally using against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis toxins.

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Can I get a Tetanus shot while breast feeding?

Yes, you can! Even pregnant women can undergo two courses of tetanus toxoid injection against pertussis without any issues.  As it contains inactivated bacteria, there is no risk for lactating mother or the child. If at all any risk arises it would be not because of tetanus shot but any previous medical history of the mother.

The mother may be allergic to last tetanus vaccine, or she has a family history of seizure, coma or epilepsy. As per clinical studies, the injection had hardly any reactions, very rare, but if it occurs, it must appear within minutes of being vaccinated.

Importance of tetanus vaccination during breastfeeding

Ideally, it is better to vaccinate before conceiving. But that might not be possible always. Mothers wanting to breastfeed their infants should not worry about tetanus vaccination. In fact, antibodies against vaccine preventable disease have found in the breast milk of mothers who have taken the tetanus shot during and post-pregnancy. In years to come doctors might consider administering immune globulin (antibody) rather than a vaccine.

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Tetanus Toxoid vaccination versus no vaccination

Tetanus vaccinated pregnant women shall have a higher level of anti-pertussis in their breast milk. It can protect the unvaccinated infants from pertussis.  On a medical point of view, it would be better to get a tetanus shot as soon as possible if pregnant women did not have tetanus shot during pregnancy.

It could be done even after post-delivery when the mother is breastfeeding the baby. Tetanus Toxoid safeguards mother as well as the infant from a host of diseases. It is always better to have this vaccine when the need arises.

So, there should not be any confusion to get a tetanus shot while breastfeeding as it contributes significant health prospects for the breastfeeding mother which has scientifically proved by various medical experts around the world.

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