Can I Get A Flu Shot While Breastfeeding ?

As a new mother, you would likely to spend most of your time with your child. You can get a flu shot while breastfeeding and keep your baby protected by first protecting yourself with proper vaccination. Getting vaccinated can protect your child in many ways.

Primarily it reduces the chance of getting sick even though you nurse your ward as the infant may fall ill due to exposure unless vaccinated. Through breastfeeding, you are transferring the antibodies to your baby. So this article will give you some guidelines whether you can get a flu shot while breastfeeding.

Can a nursing mom get a flu shot?

Get A Flu Shot While Breastfeeding
Getting vaccinated can protect your child in many ways

Yes, of course, the mother can get a flu shot thereby she is passing the antibodies through their milk. Babies less than 7 months have no other way of receiving antibodies. Mothers are the only source to give the antibodies and keep the baby from various infections. The infected flu shot contains a dead virus that provokes the body to produce antibodies to fight against flu.

What are antibodies?

Antibodies are a type of protein made by the immune system when subjected to vaccination against any infection or disease. They are a vital force against various diseases. Flu is severe in young infants, and sometimes it may cause death also in adverse condition.

Feeding moms are the only source where they can impart protection for the baby to stay healthy. Babies who don’t get breast milk fall sick often with the infections like flu than the one who gets breastfeeding.

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Should I get vaccinated?

Under age babies, cannot be given flu shot directly. Even if they have given shot, the protection will be incomplete unless given two shots. It takes about two weeks, after the second shot to gain more protection. It has clinically confirmed that the breastfeeding mother who had vaccination is more likely to transfer the antibodies through her milk to give more protection from the flu virus

Is it safe to get a flu shot for a breastfeeding mother?

The flu shot is safe for breastfeeding mother as per medical experts, and various studies also have confirmed it. It is safe to nurse them after vaccination; thereby you are passing the antibodies to your baby. Presently the flu treatments are available two forms, and they are nasal spray and flu shots.

The nasal spray develops from a live virus and flu shot is made from inactivated virus. The live vaccines multiply within the body of the mother to a little extent. But if she breast feed, she will have a greater level of antibodies.

Hence, by evaluating various authentic feedbacks, breastfeeding women should get a flu shot while breastfeeding to protect the babies from multiple infections.

Since the newly born infants cannot be given vaccination directly, it is through their mother who passes the immunization through breast milk to the baby to get protected now and forever. Since only the mother knows the real need of a child and she gives it with genuine compassion and love.

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