Can I Get A Cortisone Shot While Breastfeeding?

Unlike old times, in the modern era mothers and pregnant women are extremely careful while consuming few drugs, how it can affect their pregnancy and new born babies. Kids are most important for their parents, and they don’t want to put them in any danger.

The best solution is to visit your physician and remove all your doubts before exposing to any treatments. Many of you might be taking or want to take the cortisone shot, which is a standard medication for relieving pain and inflammation.

But the question naturally arises in your mind would be whether it is safe to get cortisone shot while breastfeeding?

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Many women required to take some medication during pregnancy or breastfeeding. While most of the medicines are harmless, some of them can get into the milk and even affect its supply. Therefore, you need to check with your doctor how much safe is the medication.

If you are an arthritis patient, you must be knowing the importance of a cortisone shot. But if you are a new mother, we understand that you are skeptical to get a cortisone shot while breastfeeding. What if it passes into your milk and causes some problem for your kid? What if it affects the milk supply? We understand your confusion and fear, and we are going to help you in the best way we can.

What is a cortisone shot?

cortisone shot while breastfeeding

Cortisone shot is using as a part of the treatment plan for arthritis. It can provide you with immediate relief from pain and inflammation of joints. But remember, cortisone is not a pain reliever, but in fact, it is a type of steroid. Also, it can raise the level of blood sugar in diabetic patients and hence need to use carefully.

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Is it safe to get cortisone shot while breastfeeding? 

So far we have no particular reference which can tell you whether it’s safe to get cortisone shot while breastfeeding. Most of the research was about the use of oral steroids during breastfeeding with results that oral steroids were safe to consume by lactating women when taken in limited quantity.

However, it is implausible that small dose of cortisone will have any adverse effect on your baby. Also, any medication by local injection in limited amount does not enter the bloodstream of the patient. Hence if you limit the quantity of cortisone shot, there is no need to avoid it while lactating. In fact, doctors prefer cortisone shots for breastfeeding mothers more than other potent drugs that are using for arthritis.

The frequency of cortisone shot should have to monitor systematically. For this, you need to consult with your doctor. Your doctor would be able to clarify the amount of cortisone shot you need to take without affecting your milk supply. But if you are still unsure about the effect of cortisone, you can insist for some other medication which has clinically proved safe during breastfeeding.

On a healthy point of view, if you want to get cortisone shot while breastfeeding, make sure to consult with your physician regarding the quantity and frequency of the shot.

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