Can I Eat Spirulina While Breastfeeding ?

Lactation period is a critical cycle in breastfeeding moms’ life, as breast milk is the primary food for their baby, especially in early stages. Hence breastfeeding moms always search for food groups that can supply essential vitamins and nutrients that can increase their milk supply. It is important for lactating moms to watch what they eat. Spirulina is a magical food suitable for nursing moms as it is a super food that has many exciting benefits. The efficacy and benefits of Spirulina make it popular, and that is the reason why even midwives recommend it for regular use.

But, is Spirulina safe for breastfeeding moms? What is it and does it have any side effects? Moreover, is it safe for your baby? You are going to find more information regarding this topic in the following article.

What is Spirulina ?

is Spirulina safe for breastfeeding moms
Is Spirulina safe for breastfeeding moms ?


Spirulina is a nutrient rich natural algae powder that contains cyanobacteria. It is a super food consists of very high in proteins, vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants available in powder form. Spirulina powder also contains chlorophyll the main ingredient in plants and has many benefits.

However, you have to choose a reputed brand while buying the powder because if not harvested correctly; it can have adverse effects on your health. The high amount of protein present in it makes it ideal for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. It often gets mistaken as an herb, but it is a bacterium in reality. Basically, Spirulina is a blue green alga that we can see in ponds and lakes.

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Why spirulina?

Being an algae product, it does taste like a lake scum, but it is true that it’s a miracle food. Considering the amount of protein it has, it is one of the top nutrient rich foods on this planet.

Benefits of Spirulina

  • Powerhouse of antioxidants

Spirulina is rich in antioxidants that protect your body cells from damage. The cell damage due to free radicles can lead to poor skin health, visible fine lines and wrinkles, premature aging and dull skin. Spirulina contains carotenoids a powerful antioxidant. Carotenoids that are present in plants are very powerful, and Spirulina contains beta carotene which is a type of carotenoid. Spirulina actually has a wide range of carotenoids that have various benefits for your body.

  • Detox naturally with Spirulina

As Spirulina has high amounts of chlorophyll, it is an excellent detoxifying product. It effectively removes toxins from your bloodstream and cleanses your system. It also eases waste removal process by reducing the stress on the digestive system. Spirulina also promotes the growth of healthy bacteria growth in your gastrointestinal tract and also improves the absorption of nutrients to your body.

  • Keeps your eyes healthy

Spirulina is a super food if you want to improve your eyesight and vision. The green algae are so rich in vitamin A that is an essential vitamin for your eye vision. It has 10 times more vitamins A than carrots and other food groups. It is rich in Beta carotene that can convert to Vitamin A. Spirulina is also improves the way in which your retina functions.

How does Spirulina help breastfeeding moms ?

benefits of spirulina
What are benefits of spirulina ?

As a breastfeeding mom, spirulina can help you improve the iron level in your body. If you are anemic, it can contribute to treating the anemic effect. As breast milk doesn’t have much amount of iron, it is important to have iron rich food items. Spirulina is a good source for bio form of Iron. Along with iron, it also contains other essential nutrients that help you and your baby. If combined with clean eating and the right amount of physical activity, spirulina can also accelerate your body’s fat burning abilities. It also helps in detoxing your body and hence cleanses your body.

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Spirulina and chlorella and its benefits for breastfeeding moms

It is true that both Spirulina and Chlorella are types of micro algae, but they are 2 different variants. Both contain chlorophyll, but Chlorella is a spherical shaped single celled alga that has a true nucleus. Whereas, Spirulina is a spirally shaped alga with no definite nucleus. Although both algae’s are super foods, Chlorella is much richer in chlorophyll whereas, spirulina is the healthiest one and the best source of amino acids, proteins, iron, and other vitamins. When compared to spirulina, chlorella doesn’t have much many health benefits for lactating moms. However, chlorella has potential ability to enhance the immunoglobulin-A concentration in the breast milk.

Can Breastfeeding moms eat Spirulina ?

Although it has many health benefits and richness, since it is an alga, it raises concern that whether it is safe to consume especially for breastfeeding moms. Before starting to consume Spirulina, it is better to talk to your doctor to know whether it is safe for you. Spirulina has various health benefits, but it can be harmful to all including breastfeeding moms under certain situations.

Although Spirulina, when consumed in high doses, is fine to an extent; however, an overdose can be toxic. If you suffer from any autoimmune diseases like sclerosis or arthritis, Spirulina is not that suitable. Another thing is you have to choose a product that is free of nitrates. Organic Spirulina makes the best choice.

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Organic Spirulina and its benefits for breastfeeding moms

As Spirulina is a product derived from naturally growing algae, it doesn’t come with any potentially harmful side effects. However, if not made in a hygienic and organic manner, it can lose its potential benefits. Hence it is important to choose the best organic Spirulina to reap its full benefits. Poorly made Spirulina can have chemicals like herbicides, pesticides and other harmful fillers that can reduce the quality of the product and exhibits side effects. Its organic form will be free of added chemicals and will be making in the purest form.

Does Spirulina have any side effects on breastfeeding moms ?

spirulina powder
Spirulina powder

If you choose a reputed organic Spirulina, it is unlikely to have any side effects. However, depending upon your health condition, your body reacts to Spirulina in different ways. As Spirulina is high in chlorophyll green colored poop is normal when you consume Spirulina, but slight fever, increased sleep, and fatigue can be potential side effects of the product. So take note of this situation.

Although it is highly nutritious, it is recommended to consume spirulina powder with caution, especially for breastfeeding moms. Choose a reputed brand which enjoys excellent feedback that harvests Spirulina from clean water bodies and is processed in a hygienic environment to make capsules or powder. Most of the brands market their products by tagging them as organic, but none of them really are.

Spirulina contains protein in its easy to digest form without any extra saturated fats. As it also helps in improving your lactation capabilities, it has often prescribed for breast feeding moms by doctors. There are no potential risks of passing the contents of Spirulina to your baby.

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