Can I Eat Spinach While Breastfeeding ?

Spinach is a healthy and versatile veggie that is good when consumed in either raw or cooked form. As a breastfeeding mom, you need to eat rich and nutritious food. Dark green vegetables like spinach have high levels of folate, iron, calcium and various vitamins.

However, some leafy vegetables including spinach are known to cause bloating and gas. So let’s look into the fact that whether raw spinach or its cooked form is safe for breastfeeding moms.

What is raw spinach?

Can I Eat Spinach While Breastfeeding
Can I Eat Spinach While Breastfeeding ?

Spinach is a dark green leafy vegetable, packed with nutrients and calcium. It makes a super food for all individuals, especially for breastfeeding moms. It is also very versatile, meaning you can consume it in many forms.

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Benefits of raw spinach for breastfeeding moms

Fresh spinach is merely rich in oxalic acid and good to consume as it is. It consists of minerals, vitamins and nutritious that is best absorbed by your body when eaten raw. It contains folate, potassium, riboflavin, and niacin. The presence of antioxidants in spinach can help to prevent cell damages from free radicals and can resist succumbing to heart alignments and cancer. A single serving of spinach can give 3,659 micrograms of zeaxanthin, lutein, and carotenoids which are the antioxidants that can prevent macular degeneration and cataracts.

Raw spinach is both low in fat and cholesterol and has numerous health benefits. Breastfeeding moms can get the benefits if they can include it in their daily diet. It is good to eat as a raw salad or add to smoothies.

Concerns of having raw spinach for breastfeeding moms

It is true that spinach is a healthy food; however, if you are breastfeeding you have to be cautious while eating.  Eating uncooked or raw spinach is not recommended for lactating moms.  Simply eating it raw can harm you especially if the spinach has pathogen contaminations or any other germ infections. Not only these germs may make you ill,but it can also be harmful to your baby.

Another concern is that the polyphenol and oxalic acid present in spinach often bind to calcium, iron and other nutrients present in it. It results in an inadequate absorption of those nutrients to your body. So considering all these facts, it is better to have spinach in cooked form. Cooked spinach has more calcium than raw spinach. Further cooked spinach will help to increase the presence of iron and magnesium in the body.

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Baby spinach and its benefits for breastfeeding moms

Spinach is a healthy food
Spinach is a healthy food, and you can include in your daily food to have a balanced diet

Baby spinach is tender spinach, harvested during the initial stages of growth of the spinach plant. Baby spinach is generally harvested between 15 to 30 days after planting spinach. It is rather easy to spot baby spinach; it looks tender, has small leaves and tastes a little sweet. Many studies show that concentration of nutrients and carotenoids in baby spinach is more when compared to mature spinach.

However, this varies according to the soil texture, climate, and various other factors. Regarding the level of oxalic acid in baby spinach again varies with different factors. Whatever is the case; all types of spinach are nutrient rich food group and are healthy. Eating spinach is helpful for breastfeeding moms as it nourishes your body and makes your breast milk nutritious.

Can baby spinach helps in increasing breast milk supply

It is a common concern for all breastfeeding moms how to make sure steady and constant breast milk supply for their baby. If you are looking forward to getting help with your low milk supply or you just want to boost your supply, eating baby spinach can help. It’s actually not about spinach;it’s all about changing your diet to a healthy one.

Baby spinach is an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, vitamin K, folate, iron and more. If you are breastfeeding, it increases your needs of essential nutrition. Spinach is also a rich source of folate that is vital for lactating moms. Dark green vegetables like spinach contain phytoestrogens which are important for the health of breast tissues and thereby promote breast milk supply.

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Does spinach make my baby gassy?

It is common for children to develop gas frequently in the initial years due to their developing digestive tract. Eating a lot of spinach can make you gassy because of its high fiber content. When the fiber doesn’t break down effectively, it can make you gassy. However, the gas creating fibers doesn’t enter your milk in any ways, and hence there is no chance of your baby becoming gassy.


Spinach is a healthy food, and you can include in your daily food to have a balanced diet. It is excellent for breastfeeding moms to eat spinach daily. We have many studies available to confirm that raw spinach can cause issues with absorption of nutrients due to its high oxalic acid content. However, eating spinach in cooked form is great and also helps your body to absorb proteins, vitamins, calcium, iron, carotenoids, and fiber efficiently. It is also good to blanch your spinach before cooking to get rid of any possible germs presence.

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