Can I Eat Spaghetti Sauce While Breastfeeding?

Spaghetti is a traditional Italian staple food looks like a long, thin thread solid pasta made from a batter of wheat flour and water. The Spaghetti is rich in carbohydrates, potassium, Vitamin B, protein, dietary fiber, and iron.  We consume Spaghetti along with the sauce, and we can have different types of sauce.  Its main ingredient is tomato, which is a natural vegetable.  However, lactating moms will always have some doubt on its continuous usage, and start thinking is it safe to eat spaghetti sauce while breastfeeding.

Is it safe to eat spaghetti sauce while breastfeeding?

Can I Eat Spaghetti Sauce While Breastfeeding

As long as there is no artificial condiment added in sauce, it will be safe to consume during the lactation period. But the bench mark in food consumption is, anything excess will be counterproductive, and hence you should know what will be ideal quantity you can consume in a day.

In the olden days, the spaghetti sauce was a homemade item, but today, commercial manufacturing made its easy availability and is available all across the world. Even spaghetti is also commercially producing; hence nobody takes the pain to make it at home. The predominant style is the Italian sauce made out of Tomato, added with onion, garlic, and it prepared in a different style as per your taste. You can add sweat, or make it spicy.

We do not have any clinical studies to confirm spaghetti sauce is dangerous for health. According to American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist have raised no concern about eating spaghetti sauce while breastfeeding.

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Plan your diet properly

Many experts in this field are of the opinion that mothers should follow a strict diet regimen initially while feeding the infant. But the other school believes that it should be trial and error method. When a mom is breastfeeding her baby, what she eats shall pass on to her baby through her milk. So there is no food as to avoid during breastfeeding. It depends a lot on what the child can tolerate.

You might like to eat spaghetti sauce with a lot of tomatoes, garlic, and cheese. It might not agree with your little one’s tummy. Your baby can get cranky and gassy due to it. Meantime, some children won’t show any problems, when their moms consume enough spaghetti sauce during breastfeeding. So, you need to watch your baby for any adverse effect or if your child shows any discomfort before you continue with spaghetti sauce.

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Breastfeeding mother’s diet can be the primary factor in infant colic and cry. At times it might be a genuine food allergy. So to avoid future complications, it is best to avoid. Tomatoes are best to avoid because it is acidic. It can upset your little one’s stomach. But every baby behaves differently.

Effects of spaghetti sauce on breastfeed babies

Spaghetti sauce with tomato base may make a baby cranky and gassy. The acidic nature of tomato may upset the baby stomach. These early symptoms of stomach disorder are not favorable. It might also result in bloating or diarrhea. But some babies might just be okay with tomato sauce. Therefore, it required a close observation to find out the effect of spaghetti sauce on your child.  If your baby shows discomfort, it is better to discontinue consuming it.

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How to reduce the risk of spaghetti sauce on breastfeed babies

The best and easy way to decrease the risk of spaghetti sauce to breastfeed babies is to avoid tomatoes during lactation. But if the mother still wants to have, she can surely have it in small quantities. She can even start with her unrestricted regular diet once the baby is not dependent only on breast milk.


So is it safe to eat spaghetti sauce while breastfeeding? The answer is that a nursing mother should keep in mind that breast milk is the primary source of nutrition for the baby. Therefore, if possible, she should avoid food that might be allergic to her little one.  As a best practice, try to understand the effect of your food intake on your baby.  Any unnatural reflections will be due to your food intake and if you find one of the reasons are spaghetti sauce intake, then stop consuming it.

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