Can I Eat Raw Fish While Breastfeeding ?

Eating (raw fish, sushi, etc ..) from a trusted place(you need to choose your fish carefully) is considered safe for your infant while breastfeeding.

But it is completely different while pregnancy (Unlike Breastfeeding).

Can I Eat Raw Fish While Breastfeeding


As there might be a possibility of bacteria or parasites presence in raw fish so can harm fetus while pregnancy, and there is little to no dangerous to your baby while breastfeeding.

Benefits of Omega 3:

As we all know, fish is a great source of Omega 3 which can:

-Make you youthful always.

-Protect you from Alzheimer’s disease.

-Protect your heart and balance your cholesterol level.

-Protect you from sudden death because of cardiac arrest.

-Keep your mentality very healthy as it is a very good food for your brain.

-Studies shows that Omega 3 play an important role in Cancer diseaseprotecting.

So, Fish is very important for both of you and your baby.

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Medical Hint: whether cooked or raw fish, Doctors recommend to avoid eating all kinds of Mercury containing fish as it can cause many serious problems for you  and your baby during breastfeeding or pregnancy. To know more about Mercury toxicity read the following:

What is Mercury?

The symbol Hg arises from the old name hydrargyrum (water of silver). Three main Mercury exposure are know:

1-Elemental Mercury: It is found in glass thermometers, sphygmomanometers, amalgams. Most hazard when inhaled.

2-Inorganic Mercury: It occurs in divalent, or monovalent. Usually used to be discharged into waterways- converted into organomercury compounds by microorganisms in sediments. Exposure is usually due to intentional or accidental ingestion leading to neurological symptoms and renal injury.

3-Organic Mercury: It is present in different forms. The short chain alkyl compounds (methyl and ethyl Mercury) are known as contaminants of aquatic food chain.

Minamata Bay- Japan:

Discharge of contaminated waste into Minamata Bay in Japan during the 1950s led to an epidemic of neurological (nervous system damage) and congenital defects caused by eating contaminated fish!


Organic Mercury toxicity is a chronic syndrome often associated with short chain alkyl as shown above. Degeneration of neurons in cerebral cortex and cerebellum lead to ataxia, paresthesia, deafness, mental retardation and visual field constriction.

Methyl Mercury crosses your milk (while breastfeeding),placenta (while pregnancy) easily and concentrates in fetus leading to prenatal Mercury poisoning. It readily enters brain, via the methionine carrier. It cycles through enterohepatic circulation, complexed with glutathione, and is excreted through the bile. Half-life is 2 months.

So, whether a breastfeeding mother or pregnant It is recommended to choose your fish carefully from a trusted place and get the Mercury free fish as possible as you can!

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