Can I Eat Okra While Pregnant

During pregnancy, the supply of nutrients to pregnant women is very important. Okra is a multi-purpose food that is rich in nutrients that are beneficial for mothers and babies.

Is Okra good for pregnant women ? Yes

eat okra while pregnant

There are lots of A vitamins , B vitamins (B1, B2, B6), C vitamin , trace minerals such as zinc and calcium in a okra.

Okra provides nutrition for pregnant women because it also contains food sources that provide fiber and folic acid. This is a vitamin that is essential for the formation of the neural tube of the fetus.

Avoid fetal malformations

Okra also contains folic acid. 1/2 cup cooked of okra equivalent to 36.5 mg folic acid. A cup of live tofu contains up to 87.8 mg of folic acid.

It is essential for many functions of the body, especially for pregnant women. Folic acid is extremely important because it helps prevent neural tube defects and other congenital malformations in the fetus.

Good for the digestive system

It also has the effect of nourishing beneficial microorganisms in the intestinal tract, laxative effect, supporting patients with irritable bowel syndrome and digestive disorders.

Therefore, the daily diet is accompanied by okra is good for the body in general and the digestive system in particular.

The mucus and fiber in okra help regulate blood glucose levels by regulating their uptake from the small intestine. Fiber of okra is also a “bodyguard” of the digestive system.

When entering the digestive system, okra will be fertile soil for beneficial bacteria, which can be on par with yogurt, help to synthesize B vitamins.

Fiber acts to absorb water into large blocks in the stool, thereby preventing constipation. In particular, mucus has the effect of lubricating the intestinal tract, preventing constipation and hemorrhoids, and improving digestion for mothers.

Good for hair and skin

During pregnancy as well as postpartum, many women suffer from alopecia, acne, rash, pinky, so why not put the okra in your diet?

Okra is considered a cosmetic to help skin beautiful, smooth hair, bright eyes, enhance the health by virtue of containing more A vitamin , C vitamin , calcium, potassium, magnesium.

To achieve the beauty benefits, mothers only need to eat the “fat” a little bit like: okra oil onion, sauteed okra, sausage steamed.

Help to lose weight after birth

Okra is abundant in fiber, both soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Fiber has many health benefits, including promoting postpartum weight loss, control blood sugar.

Low calorie ketchup should be the ideal diet for those who are looking to lose weight. To enjoy the maximum health benefits of okra, cook in a low flame for less mucus.

Help to sleep well

Protein and oil in okra are considered first class protein while many essential amino acids for the body like tryptophan will help mental wellbeing, sleep well …

Moms buy okra for soup … to test the miracle effect of it for sleeping.

Remove toxins

Okra is a food very beneficial in getting rid of toxins in the body. The mucus, the fiber in the okra  have the effect of stabilizing blood glucose, which pushes the toxins out of the body.

Just 2 okras, cut into 3 pieces and put in a bowl and crushed, poured into a glass of water and soaked overnight. The next morning, before breakfast, stir and drink. Three times a week, this will help the body eliminate toxins, regulate cholesterol, detoxify the kidney …

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