Can I Drink Prune Juice While Breastfeeding ?

Prune juice is rich with nutritional contents and a natural fruit extract prepared from prunes or dry plums. Breastfeeding moms require various nutrients and have to stay hydrated. Drinking prune juice can help a breastfeeding mom to get the adequate supply of nutrients and dietary fiber, etc.

However, if anything goes overboard, it is not good for your health. It is quite natural to ask, how much prune juice a breastfeeding mom can take? So let’s discuss more on prune juice, like how to use, its quantity, and how it affects you and your baby and more.

Why Prunes juice?

Benefits of prunes

Prunes are sun dried plums without any fermentation procedures. Like all other fruits, prunes also have a positive effect on your body’s nutrition. It is a power packed fruit that has all essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin K, iron, potassium, beta-carotene and retinol. Its main benefits are its ability to improve your bone density. Although it has many other advantages, improving bone density tops all. However, like any other fruit, excess consumption is not good, especially for breastfeeding moms.

Benefits of Prunes juice?

Now let’s get straight into its benefits. You can have prune in its raw form or have it as juice or along with smoothies. Having prune juice is much more convenient for breastfeeding moms. Various benefits of prune juice are as follows:-

Helps in relieving constipation

Prune juice is recommended to pregnant women and breastfeeding moms as a favorite method to relieve constipation. As prunes contain sorbitol which is a natural laxative, prunes are very effective to smoothen bowel movement. Drinking prune juice also helps your body with the digestion process as prunes are very high in dietary fiber. The right amount of fiber in your diet helps in regularizing your bowel movements. Prune juice provides around 2-3% of your required dietary intake. However, too much consumption of prunes can also lead to discomfort and constipation due to excessive fiber in your body.

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Rich in antioxidants

Prunes are very rich in antioxidants as it contains iron and manganese. Prunes rank high in antioxidants, yes, surprisingly more than blueberries. Antioxidants are substances that fight the adverse effects due to free radical formation. Free radicals are directly associated with many diseases like cancer, heart ailments, and arthritis. So having your daily dose of antioxidants can help you fight these diseases. Prunes also assist in preventing and reducing the risk of colorectal cancer and other gastrointestinal diseases. Drinking prune juice can also help in supply of vitamin A which is an essential antioxidant that also helps in preventing several types of cancer.

Improves your vision

Thanks’ to the presence of vitamin A in prunes; it helps in improving your visibility. If you are suffering from dry eyes or night blindness, then drinking prune juice can enhance our eye sight. Having enough vitamin A can also help your body fight against infection. Vitamin A is also essential to keep your skin well hydrated and improves the appearance of fine lines and delay wrinkle formation.

Improves bones density

Studies show that prune help with improving your bones density to greater extents as it contains flavonoids and phenols. These 2 compounds help in slowing down Osteoporosis and also prevents mineral density loss from bones. Researches related to arthritis and Osteoporosis suggests that eating prunes can have a significant impact on your bone density. Consuming prunes as it is or having prune juice helps in increasing your bones density. It is beneficial for women as they suffer from bone mineral density loss when compared to men.

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Keeps away anemia

As prunes are high in iron content, drinking the right amount of prune juice can help you increase the iron content in your body. High iron content means no anemia. Hence drinking prune juice also helps in raising your hemoglobin levels and protects you from the risk of anemia.

Prune juice for constipation while breastfeeding

can i drink prune juice while breastfeeding

Drinking prune juice or eating prunes can assist in alleviating constipation in breastfeeding moms. Although prunes are high in fiber, they also contain laxative ingredients that can improve the bowel movement. Consuming prune juice softens the stool and corrects the bowel movements. However, you have to stick on to a regular dose otherwise, high fiber can cause problems.

If you consume prune juice in large amounts, it will not cause constipation for your baby. Likewise, it can’t also relieve your child’s constipation if you drink prune juice.  Constipation or bowel movement problems are common in babies during their early stage of life. But it is less likely that your breast milk is the reason for constipation or right bowel movement for your child.  It is simply because breast milk comes from milk ducts and hence the food you eat cannot affect the ingredients.

Will your prune juice intake affect your baby?

As said above, the fiber from prune juice will stay in your body, and it will not pass into your bloodstream, and therefore it won’t pass on to your breast milk either. So if you drink prune juice to relieve your baby’s constipation simply, it will not work. Try to find out the real reason for your child’s incorrect bowel movement. You can talk with your doctor whether you can give prune juice to your baby to relieve the condition. Some doctors recommend mixing small amounts of prune juice in cereal to treat constipation.

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From the health point of view, you can drink prune juice even while breastfeeding as it has so many benefits. Hope you are clear about the various benefit of prune juice. It does more than relieving constipation; it regulates your bladder functioning as well. Having prune juice also helps in regulating your weight gain as it suppresses your appetite and keeps you full for a long time.

Like any other fruit, prunes also contain fewer amounts of fats and hence it will not make you obese. Have you tried drinking prune juice while breastfeeding? How it helped you and what are the benefits you have noticed? We would like to hear your experiences and opinions about having prune juices while breastfeeding.

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