Can I Drink Protein Shakes While Breastfeeding?

Pregnancy and lactating period are challenging times for women. The food that they consume matters the most for both the mother and the child. A mother needs at least more than 200 to 300 more calories to be able to produce the required amount of breast milk. It should be the reason why a woman must consume a well-balanced diet and must include protein powder while breastfeeding because it is beneficial during the lactation period.

The food should contain fruits, whole-grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy, nuts, beans, and legumes to ensure for meeting the nutritional needs. The body of everybody is not the same; hence they should have a combination of proper nutrients. The main ingredient what should consume by women who are pregnant or lactating is protein.

Why should lactating women consume whey protein shakes?


It is a common question asked by lactating women, can we intake whey protein shakes? Pregnant and breastfeeding women often find themselves in situations where they have to do extensive research before consuming even healthy products because they never know the health risks associated with it.

Protein shakes are beverages made from high protein ingredients. You would beware that protein forms an important part of the diet. These shakes can use to improve your protein intake and can sometimes also use by people who want to increase muscle mass. The shake can use as a replacement for meals.

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What is whey protein?

We can get whey as a byproduct, which is a liquid after straining curd. Few people make use of the whey because it is a source of protein and hence is good for the health conditioning. The whey protein shakes are good for strength training and consist of amino acids and nutrients.

The protein also prevents milk allergies in formula fed infants. If you compare whey protein with cow milk protein, the whey protein is superior. That is because it helps in resisting the development of eczema or atopic dermatitis in young children.

According to the British Journal of Nutrition, whey protein helps in lowering cholesterol. Women with higher cholesterol can fall sick often and may have serious health issues at a later stage in life.  So protein intake is beneficial to lower the cholesterol level.

The protein also helps in improving the body resistance power in children; hence it is suitable for children who are prone to asthmatic attack. It also enables to decrease the blood pressure and health risk for any possible cardiovascular disease.

Should pregnant women consume special k protein shakes?

Should pregnant women consume protein

Proteins are available in various forms for consumption.  Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of protein. It can also consume in the form of special K protein shakes. The powder contains immense amounts of whey protein. But women should ensure that they do not use the protein powders as a sole source of nutrition.

So, how good is special K protein? It comes with vitamins, protein, fiber, and minerals. You can use it as a meal instead of breakfast, lunch or dinner. Since they are available in small bottles, it is easy to keep in backpacks or handbags. Many reputed brands are selling special K protein powder in the market. So finding it won’t be a problem at all.

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Why can pregnant women consume soy protein shakes?

Consuming soy protein shakes contribute several health effects which include helping to reduce weight. The protein enabled lactating can helps women reduce their weight. Usually, pregnant women tend to put on weight after delivery and are unable to get rid of the weight. So consuming soy protein shakes will be a great solution to help to control the weight.

It comes with all nine proteinogenic amino acids which are called ‘essential’ as they cannot produce any other compounds of the body. The soy protein shake also contains very high amounts of glutamine and arginine. It is available in a liquid or powder form. Soy protein is perfect for the prevention of heart problems. The main advantages of soy are the essential fatty acids, fiber components, phytosterols, and lecithin, protease inhibitors, and isoflavones.

Can breastfeeding women intake Arbonne protein shakes?

Can breastfeeding women intake Arbonne protein shakes

Breastfeeding women might consider consuming Arbonne protein shakes. The ingredients of this protein shake are cranberry, rice, and pea proteins. These are vegan-friendly. The shake does not come with any artificial sweeteners. It makes use of natural sweeteners, but you need to know that it has 9 grams of sugar per serving.

The costing of the product is reasonable, but it cannot cure your hunger pangs, unlike other shakes. You shall have only 2 grams of fiber per serving. Many people may not like its taste, and they even say it has an awful taste. If you are a vegetarian and have no problems with high sugar content and bad taste, then is an ideal alternative for soy products.

Since it comes with high protein ingredients, it is the best protein shakes to gain weight for breastfeeding women and pregnant women.  Medical practitioners suggest that pregnant women must consume at least extra 25 grams of protein daily.  So make sure to include protein shakes in your food plan and consult with your dietitian to fix the quantity intake.

Those women who do not consume meat and fish products should consume protein as advised. Consumption of balanced protein energy supplementation helps the fetal growth and increases the infant’s birth weight. Similarly, in breastfeeding women, it supports increased secretion of breast milk.

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Possible dangers of protein powder while breastfeeding

protein powder while breastfeeding

Some of the harmful effects of consuming protein powder while breastfeeding includes stomach pains and cramps. It should have to consume in the right dosages. High dosages can cause serious health consequences. If you are allergic to milk, then you will be allergic to whey in any form.

When taken in small dosages whey proteins do not generally cause any side effects or health issues. In whey protein, we can get three types such as protein isolate (WPI), whey protein concentrate (WPC), and whey protein hydrolysate (WPH). The Whey protein concentrate (WPC) contains low levels of carbohydrates and low levels of fat.


Since excess consumption of whey protein can create a negative impact on your health, it is always better to consult with your physician or dietitian to determine the quantity of protein powder while breastfeeding.  It is imperative because you are breastfeeding an infant whose health shall depend on the intake of your food.

Hence it is important that you do your research on the types of whey protein which are available in the market before deciding on the item for your infant. You can find crucial details on forums and blogs related to lactating mothers on consumption of whey proteins. Always read the contents of the product before starting it.

It is clear that whey protein among the others is good for health for both men and women when consumed in the right amounts. For breast feeding women it is vital that they take some caution and make sure not to consume excess quantity. Further, it is important to purchase whey protein from reputed online store or offline store and before purchasing read through the ingredients and their benefits.

Protein shakes are generally good for breastfeeding moms. The ingredients in the whey protein can have definite significances during the lactation period. Therefore it is better to consult a doctor before you decide to take whey protein while breastfeeding.

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