Can I Drink Pink Moscato While Breastfeeding ?

Drinking alcoholic beverages is a hot topic of debate, and you might have heard varying bits of advice on the subject. Pink Moscato is a sweet bubbly wine that has very less alcohol and high level of aromatics. Some say that a glass of wine is okay while other says to stay away from it completely. So what is the truth? Is it safe to drink Pink Moscato while breastfeeding or do you have to stay off from it? Let’s look into this topic in a detailed manner.

What is Pink Moscato?

For those who haven’t heard of it, Pink Moscato is a light and semi sparkling white wine that is well known for its sweet taste. Pomegranates, apples, pears or peaches, etc., are commonly using to make the wine. It is best when served chilled. Pink Moscato black grapes along with a little red wine are using to make Moscato. Blending Blanc grapes along with black Moscato grapes is also another way to make Pink Moscato.

Is it safe to drink Pink Moscato while breastfeeding?

Can I Drink Pink Moscato While Breastfeeding

Finding a one-word answer for this question is hard. In reality, if not gone overboard, drinking a glass of wine can have health benefits over doing any harm for you and your baby. The primary reason why everyone says to stay away from it while breastfeeding is because of the increased chance of overdoing it.

However, the truth is having up to 4 oz. of Pink Moscato, will only take a few hours to get rid of from this effect. Even if you are breastfeeding, drinking it in moderation will not harm your child at all. Only if you consume Pink Moscato in high quantity, it can have an adverse hangover effect in your baby as well.

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Does drinking Pink Moscato has any side effects in breastfeeding moms?

Recent studies show that there are chances that babies drink less milk if breastfeeding mom drinks alcohol. Although Pink Moscato has less amount of alcohol, drinking in it, large quantities can make your child drowsy. Unlike adults, only small amounts of alcohol can make your baby sluggish. Again, having excessive amounts of alcohol can also lead to dehydration in your body, and it can affect your milk supply. The best way to know the effects of Pink Moscato on your baby, observe your child after breastfeeding.

Can we say pump and dump is a good strategy?

Many wine consuming moms consider to adopt pump and dump policy as a precaution to save their child from affecting with the harmful effect of alcohol in it.  Intake of Pink Moscato can increase the presence of alcohol in the blood and eventually the same concentration will be present in the breast milk too. It will create a situation, where the alcohol level will be transferring to the child through the breast milk.

If the intake of Pink Moscato is high, then naturally the concentration of alcohol presence also will be more. Within 45 to one hour time the presence of alcohol in the blood will subsidize, and as a result the alcohol concentration also will decrease. Many studies recommend that instead of pumping and dumping, it would be better to wait for the cooling time and start feeding the child. Therefore, you don’t have to pump and dump the breast milk, just because you had a wine party.

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Drinking Pink Moscato in limited amounts cannot do any harm

Drinking Pink Moscato in limited amounts cannot do any harm to you and your baby in normal circumstance. However the effect of Pink Moscato varies woman to woman, and it can function differently. In Some breastfeeding moms, drinking Pink Moscato can lead to reduced amount of breast milk or sleep disorders in babies.


By considering all these facts, it is better to have a prudent approach towards the topic. If you ask us is it safe to drink Pink Moscato while breastfeeding, it depends on your body and your health condition. So, if you feel any discomfort and you suspect Pink Moscato is the reason, it is better to stop using it while breastfeeding.

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