Can I Drink Pepto Bismol While Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding and pregnant women usually consume Pepto-Bismol for curing diarrhea, nausea, and heartburn. The medication can also use to cure stomach ailments like having a feeling overly full, upset stomach, and gastritis, etc. Pregnant women face a lot of such issues, and it may continue during the lactation period too. However, many women worry about the consequences of Pepto-Bismol if they use it continuously.  Therefore, let us discuss, Pepto-Bismol and find out is it safe to drink Pepto-Bismol while breastfeeding?

Not every lactating moms and pregnant women face this kind of tricky situation. Hence the same situation can apply to breastfeeding moms and pregnant women that not everybody shall suffer medical complications or adverse effects after consuming Pepto-Bismol.

Is it safe to drink Pepto-Bismol while breastfeeding?

Can I Drink Pepto Bismol While Breastfeeding

We do not have a clear answer to this question. But studies confirm that several kinds of salicylates can move inside the breast milk which can cause mild side effects on the breastfeeding child. American Academy of Pediatrics issue caution notices consuming Pepto-Bismol while breastfeeding.  The National Institutes of Health recommends women to find an alternative to Pepto-Bismol during their lactation period.

As per the available information, Pepto-Bismol consumption risk falls under the L2 category.  It is not a dangerous type, but it is under moderate safe level.  But essentially, it is not safe medicine. It is available over the counter, which means you can get it from the pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription.  Consuming it won’t affect your baby; however, you should not use it for a prolonged period.  So, the recommendation caution you not to take it continuously, but you can feed your child after having it. Regular consumption of Pepto-Bismol could be a reason for the child to develop Rye’s Syndrome.

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Few things to keep in mind when using Pepto-Bismol during pregnancy

Long-term use

The Pepto-Bismol has an ingredient which is known as salicylate. The health issues of consuming the salicylates are small. But long term use of these drugs can cause serious harmful effects. You will want to ensure that you avoid having it altogether. However, if your doctor feels it is alright to have it, then you can go right ahead.

Pregnancy category

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not given Pepto-Bismol a pregnancy category. That means you are taking risks when consuming it if pregnant.

Alternatives to Pepto-Bismol

You can use alternatives to Pepto-Bismol. To treat the digestive problems when you are pregnant and during breastfeeding, you can use other medications or natural remedies. Some of them could be for diarrhea Loperamide (Imodium). When you are feeling sick, or vomiting you can opt for natural remedies.

Some of them include pyridoxine, ginger, peppermint tea, and vitamin B-6. Your doctor could explain more about the natural remedies which you can use for curing stomach problems.

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Consult with your doctor

It is always good to see your doctor before you take any medicine even though it is available without a medical prescription. If you are a lactating mom, you must always give preference to your child’s health and avoid all possible risks due to medical negligence.  Keeping this in may ask your doctor to find out is it safe to drink Pepto-Bismol while breast feeding?

It is better to ask questions to your doctor, before you go for any over the counter medicines, while you are breastfeeding or during your pregnancy. Similarly, you can find many natural remedies which can help you to control stomach upset.  Natural remedies will not pause any side effects, so that will be the best option instead of risking with medicines. Apart from all these, you should also ensure to purchase the drug from a reliable online retailer of a reputed brand.

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