Can I Cook Turkey Bacon in the Oven?

Turkey bacon is one of those delicious treats that can be prepared in different ways, so you shouldn’t be afraid to try and cook it in the oven if you want to.

About Turkey Bacon

Can I Cook Turkey Bacon in the Oven

Turkey bacon is an imitation of the pork bacon, or, in other words, meat that is cured, smoked and cut into thin slices, and most knowingly prepared in a pan. As pork bacon comes from the meat from the belly, and turkey bacon is just processed meat prepared so it looks like an imitation, turkey bacon is thought to be more healthy than pork. It is also a good alternative to pork meat for any bacon lover, when they, for whatever reason, can’t eat pork, but it is also a good variation of turkey meat in general.

However, turkey meat, in all honesty, is a bit more dry and tough than any other, which is why it’s not as commonly served as any other kind, but it is the star of two major holidays – one being the Thanksgiving Day in USA and the other being Christmas. Including turkey bacon into your daily diet instead of pork bacon, will make your breakfast routine a little more diverse.

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How To Cook Turkey Bacon In The Oven?

It may seem at first that cooking turkey bacon in an oven is a far greater ordeal than just frying it up in the pan, especially if you consider the fact that most households have stoves, while not every kitchen owns an oven.

However, a lot of people are actually afraid of standing above the sizzling hot oil that creates mess all around the dish they are preparing, which is why they might try and work their ways around it. Although it might be a bit difficult to grill turkey bacon as it is a low fat meat, cooking it in the oven might be just the option for you.

What you need to do to cook your turkey bacon is, firstly, to preheat the oven as high as it can be. Then, you line up bacon strips onto baking paper or cooking foil on a baking tray, and then put it in the oven. After some fifteen minutes, or when you see that the side up has become nice and crispy, take the tray out, turn the strips around, and continue baking for another fifteen minutes or until it is crispy and ready.

You can use turkey bacon not only during your breakfast alongside eggs and toast, but also in your salads and sandwiches, to give them a special taste (like Caesar’s salad). It is a quite handy ingredient as it can be served cold and combined with different things for interesting work or school lunchtime options.

Is Turkey Bacon Better Than Pork?

As people tend to use turkey bacon because it is a healthier version of the pork bacon, and they are not ready to deny themselves the pleasure of the taste, it is important to take a look at how healthy turkey bacon really is. Turkey bacon, because of what it is, and because it is a processed meat, is high in sodium, which means that it is not the best choice of food for people suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure) and other cardiovascular issues.

Although it is low in fat, turkey bacon still contains fat, and people that fry it in a pan or choose to try it out in an oven, will likely add some oil to it to make it more juicy and crispy at the same time. Interestingly, as protein is something most modern diets advocate on including in your diet as much as possible, turkey bacon has it less than pork bacon. It is still lower in calories by about fifteen percent. Pork also has more vitamins than turkey does.

All in all, if you enjoy eating bacon but can’t eat pork for whatever reason, the turkey alternative is a good replacement. Cooking it in an oven is an even healthier option that using a pan, just be careful not to add any more salt or oil into your meal just so that you don’t overdo on the unhealthy aspects of this meal.

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