Can I Cook Rice In A Slow Cooker?

Can I Cook Rice In A Slow Cooker

It may seem that rice can be prepared in as many variations as there are rice-dishes, and cooking it in a slow cooker is one of them.

Can I Cook Rice In A Slow Cooker

Rice is one of the most widespread cereal grains in the world, if not the most popular one. Coming from Asia, it has traveled all over the world to become the staple food of many cuisines. Every continent has a rice dish to be proud of, and the fact that rice can be made into sweet and salty dishes, be eaten on its own or as a side-dish, and be prepared in numerous ways, makes it a very practical food to have in your house. Rice can be cooked on the stove, cooked in the oven, fried, baked and even prepared in a slow cooker, so don’t be afraid to experiment with it.

Slow Cookers

A slow-cooker is an invention of the modern age: it’s an electrical appliance created to cook foods at a much lower temperature. Although cooking in a slow-cooker usually takes longer, it has more benefits that cooking in a simple pot on the stove.

Can I Cook Rice In A Slow Cooker 2

Due to the lower cooking temperature, the food that is prepared holds more of its good nutrients. This is why a lot of people, especially those trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle or even those that are parents of small children, own one of these. You just have to be careful and check what types of food are okay to be cooked in the slow-cooker, as it can be tricky for those foods that need really high temperatures that help them get rid out of toxins, like beans.

That is why it comes as no surprise that people would like to know if they can also cook rice in slow-cookers, as throwing all the ingredients of a meal at once would make food preparation that much easier.

Preparing Rice

Rice can be prepared in many different ways, but the one where it gets cooked in water in a closed pot on the stove is the most popular one – and the one a lot of people have a problem with, as it is often difficult to get the correct water vs. rice ratio. It is also really easy to burn the rice if you’re not careful. Cooking rice in a slow cooker can be that much simpler and lower the risk of rice getting burned in the process.

All you need to do before pouring rice and water into the appliance is coat it with something greasy, like margarine or butter. Then you can add rice and water at the usual ratio of one cup of rice per cup and a half of water – but there is no harm in adding just a tiny little bit more water just to be safe. Note that brown rice needs about twenty-five percent more water and a bit more time to cook.

Once you are done, set up the temperature to high and let the rice cook for about two hours. However, be sure to check on it from time to time as cooking time may be different depending on the brand of the appliance and the temperature you’ve set it on.

Rice And Its Value

Because of its versatility, rice is one of the most valuable cereal grains in the world. However, not everyone believes it is also good for your health. Rice is a carbohydrate, and some people believe it has just empty calories, but the truth is it is so much more than that.

It helps with stomach problems and helps with IBS among other things, and the fact that it can be used for so much more than just eating is a good sign there really is something to it. After all, people are recommended to put their soaked mobile phones into bags with rice for a few days as it will take out the moisture out of the device.

So if you have any worries at all about cooking rice in a slow-cooker, let them go and try out this method.

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