Can I Cook Rice In The Oven?

Rice is one of the most common cereal grains, usually prepared simply by cooking in water, on the stove, but it can be cooked in the oven as well.

About Rice

Can I Cook Rice In The Oven

As mentioned above, rice is one of, if not the one most popular of the cereal grains of our humanity, used widely all over the world, and consumed the most in Asia, where it originates from. It can be eaten on its own, but it usually used as a side dish or combined with other ingredients.

It has travelled far and wide and is now a staple in cuisines of different cultures along the world, like the Italian, the Mexican and the Balkan cuisine. The fact that it can create dishes of all tastes, and even create delicious desserts, makes it a really valuable type of food.

The color of rice ranges from brown to white and depends on the level of processing. It comes in three different varieties: long, medium and short grained, and each of them can be used for different purposes.

As it is gluten free, and is one of the foods with the lowest possibility to cause allergic reactions, it is often recommended as the first solid food for babies that are just coming off milk. In today’s day and age, when most trends lead towards a more natural and healthy lifestyles, rice has become one of the staple foods for people who are leading vegan and/or gluten free lives. With all said above, it seems that wherever you decide to eat, there will be some sort of a rice-dish available.

Rice is also for purposes other than food. It is a known ingredient in different cosmetic products, like moisturizers and pressed powders, but it is also known to be used for numerous other projects, like DIY ’s with different practical and decoration purposes, and even as way to repair your mobile if it gets wet – it is said to put it in a bag filled with rice and leave it for a few days, as the rice in the bag should drain all the moisture from the cell phone.

The Pro’s and Con’s of Rice in Your Diet

There are different opinions on whether or not rice is a healthy cereal grain to eat. As rice is a carbohydrate, it is crucial for giving energy, but also good to avoid if you’re trying to lose weight. Stuffing yourself with rice instead of bread will not make a big difference. Rice is also a terrific food if you’re suffering from different stomach problems. Also, it is recommended for people with cardiovascular troubles and high blood pressure as it naturally low in sodium.

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How To Cook Rice In The Oven?

Although more people in the world own stoves, there are good reasons why you should choose cooking rice in the oven. First of all, it can save counter and stove space. As rice is a bit more difficult to cook in comparison to other cereals as it absorbs so much water it can burn easily, if you cook rice in the oven, you raise your chances for a success because the rice will cook evenly, and the chances of burning it will be minimal.

The way to cook rice in the oven is easy and not that different to cooking it on the stove. First preheat the oven. Then, fill a pot that is safe for oven use with water: the ratio is about the same as when cooking on the stove, one and a half a cup for a cup of white rice, and a bit more if it is brown. Put the pot with the water into the stove, wait until the water boils, and then add rice. You can rinse the rice before placing it in the water to remove starch and thus make it less sticky, but you don’t have to.

Therefore, if you are dwelling on whether or not to give a go cooking rice in the oven, be brave and try it out as it may turn out to be even better than the traditional ‘’on the stove’’ type of preparation.

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