Bodycon dress- An ideal dress for all seasons

    71920398Fashion changes with seasons, as certain cloths would serve one well in summer when others would just be tacky. This is how it works and that is why there are so many options created by the talented designers for us ladies to be in fashion throughout the year. Now, realistically thinking if someone wears a very light weighted summer dress during the winter, it would give them a one way ticket directly to the fashion disaster and in addition they would be very cold. One needs to find a balance ground in being fashionable as well as finding comfort in trendy cloths for all the four seasons.

    Bodycon dress is made of elastic material like spandex or lycra, therefore they fit to ones’ body really well that is another reason why people call it the ‘body hugging dress’. These bodycon dresses can be worn exclusively during the summer as they are short length dresses and made out of composite material. Luckily there are ways to make your very dress work during autumn, spring and winter as well.

    Spring would be possibly the most beautiful season ever as flowers finally bloom in this season and gives the mother earth a new flowery look. The nature looks so stunning with the newly bloomed flowers that give a positive spin into people’s mind as well. One can take their regular bodycon dress and make a very earthly fashionable statement by turning to something really bright coloured garment or printed bodycon dress. Spring is fun and bodycon dress in bright printed coloured or garments would take that fun element into something really sensuous as the dress is really bold it-self. One can go as over-board with colours as they possibly can because the nature it-self looks extremely bright and cheerful.

    To sport the look during spring one can turn to all sorts of embellishments like scarf, light jewels, stunning hats etc. For foot-wear, form Oxford Pump, Strappy Stud Sandals or Heech Sandals would go really well with the outfit during spring.

    During summer a bodycon dress is just what you need to be comfortable and have the fashionista’s appreciate your styling sense as well. They are short and made of elastic material which gives one enough comfort during the hot weather. The outfit would dazzle with a pair of high heels. Choosing light colours would be wise during summer and it would sooth the eyes of the on-looker as well.

    To sport the summer look one can put on a fancy scarf around the neck, tie it up and have a classy look. The accessories should not be too over-powering; something really light and low profiled would suit the weather well.

    Autumn would be the nicest season ever and during autumn the earth seems to cover it-self with a yellowish layer. Everything looks dreamy and the outfit that you are trying on would blend in with the beautiful season as well. Bodycon dress would go terrifically well with autumn, something really light coloured would be best. Colours like red and orange would make the season all so very bright. It would give you an earthy look and blend you perfectly with the mother earth. During autumn the weather seems to grow a bit chilly and move forward toward welcoming winter, so trying embellishments like leggings, semi-midi bodycon dresses and ankle boots would really go well. The leaves changes its colour during this season and transforms into something fiery, so one can embrace the season with red hot bodycon dress and pairing them up with ankle boots.

    To sport the look one can turn to stylish jackets, something in contrast with the dress would be amazing. Ankle boots go really well during autumn and it would give the bodycon dress the needed lift.

    Now the most awaited season where fashion takes a whole new tour, the designers have come up with so many trends that would give one maximum comfort during the cold weather and give them enough to make a trendy fashion statement as well. Now even during the cold weather bodycon dress can work. One just needs to add other fashion gears in order to survive during the terrifying cold. Bodycon dresses are generally short and in winter one can pair them up with skin coloured leggings or black leggings. One can also add a sexy jacket with it. Leather jackets would give your bodycon dress more style power and give your comfort during the cold weather as well. Trying semi-length or short leather jackets would uplift the outfit. Demi Lovato wears leather vest all the time which looks absolutely stunning, steal her look during this cold weather and still be in the hot trend.

    To sport the look try on high length boots, platform boots, ankle boots. Also one can add up winter scarf which is very much trendy and creates more star power in the outfit.

    So be in fashion with bodycon dress, through all the seasons.

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    The article is shared by Jeff; he is a fashionista who like to contribute articles on cheap dresses and bandage skirt.