3 Best Ways To Teach Your Baby Talk Early?

Today, teaching babies to talk early is a trend that many mothers care about in the hope that their baby will be more responsive. Since then, there is a foundation for developing a language that is intelligent, superior.

Child language research experts have demonstrated that different babies will have time to start talking and different speech processes. However, when you want to teach children to practice speaking early, you can still apply some of the following ways to accelerate the speech process of the baby, helping her speak faster.

How to teach baby talk early?

teach baby talk early

To answer the question of how to teach a baby to talk early, she first needs to know the important milestones in her speech and determine when she will begin to speak properly with her body baby. From there, mommy plans to directly influence baby learning process, helping baby develop language in the earliest and most accurate way.

Once you have identified the time when your baby started talking, you can use some of the following ways to help your baby talk early.

Let your baby hear as much as possible

Language development is a combination of four main activities: Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing.

Therefore, when the baby to speak should accompany the baby to hear as much as possible. The relationship between hearing and speech is an inseparable relationship. Understanding this, from the moment the child shows signs of wanting to say, she can show her short video clips, colorful songs and constantly changing the sound sequence to her baby. Get acquainted with the kind of language.

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To begin with, mother can give her simple sounds and gradually increase her complexity. Slow speech, clear speech, quick talk. The combination of sound, color, vivid images is a way to help her speak early and effectively. When the baby is heard more and more, more and more, there will come a time, he turned out to sound like a natural reflex. Then, the sound of the baby will be the result of a long process of receiving language from the previous.

Let your baby play the “noisy”

teach baby talk

Newborns from 6 to 9 months can sit and play some simple games on the spot. At the same time, many mothers tend to avoid the noise so they limit their children to playing games that emit sound.

However, doctors recommend that moms take advantage of the time when children are 6 to 9 months old to have their baby play toys that emit noiseless sounds like drums, music toys, animals can simulate sound … as a way to “ear-training” for the baby. Help children recognize, distinguish and identify the source of various types of audio.

In addition, giving children the “noisy” game is also very helpful for mother so she can identify the sound that stimulates the brain to help the mother to guide the process of teaching the baby talk later.

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Enhance communication with your baby

Talking and reading to your baby is two simple yet highly effective ways to teach your baby how to speak early in the womb and can be applied every day to help baby enrich little vocabulary.

Teaching your child to talk quickly or slowly depends on the attention and patience of the teacher. Therefore, to be able to speak early and effective, mother should strengthen the conversation with her every time.

From a young age, do this every day  without worrying if your baby understands the meaning of what she/he says. Take the time to read the book, the story to give children more sensitivity and familiarity with the world of language diversity.

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When communicating with the baby, moms can incorporate action, nonverbal expressions so that baby can understand the meaning of the speech and spend time observing the child’s expressions and encouraging them and encourage baby to respond the words. In this way, moms are contributing to teach your baby early talk and bring unexpected results later.

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