Best Time To Bathe Your Baby And How Many Times A Day?

Did you know that babies do not need a bath every day? So, how long does it take to bathe and how many time to bathe baby a day? When is the best time to bathe baby? Make a note of the bath time for babies below!

When to bathe your baby?

bathe baby

Basically, there will be no special time to bathe your baby. You can bathe your baby whenever it feels convenient.

However, do not bathe your baby at the following times:

Take a bath when your baby is hungry

According to health experts, when hungry people have poor blood circulation, especially blood sugar is very low.

Bathing will require the body to lose a significant amount of energy. At that point, it can not respond to the demand that causes dizziness, fainting or even stroke.

The most dangerous are the children because the resistance and strength of the child is weak and almost no. Therefore, bathing baby when hungry is really a dangerous task that mother should avoid.

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Bathe your baby after feeding

Eating is a very sensitive time and the body needs to rest for at least 30 minutes so that the food is digested.

If bathe your baby immediately after eating will make children more prone to vomiting and affect the digestive system.

As the blood vessels expand and flow to the surface of the skin, reducing the blood flow in the digestive tract slows the digestion of baby food causes bloating.

Baby bath while sick

Many people have the idea that children are crying or tired expression should be bathing children to play with water and feel refreshed. But this is only true for adults in some cases.

The opposite is true for children. Children’s resistance is very low. If you give your baby a bath at a time when the body is unstable, it means that the flow of blood is reduced. If bathing at this time will cause children to be shocked and susceptible to sudden illness.

Bathe your baby after vaccination

The wound at the position of infection will be infectious when water enters the area causing inflammation, redness, inflammation.

Therefore, the time after the vaccination you should not bathe the baby but just wash the body and change clothes cool, clean is okay.

Bathe your baby while fever, diarrhea

When children have a cold, you should definitely avoid children to use water, so bathing children now should be avoided.

Children who have diarrhea if they move more often cause fatigue, dehydration and much worse condition.

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Bathe your baby without anti-slip mat

Children are very active and often naughty when bathing. If there is no anti-slip mat in the bathroom while your baby’s feet and floor are wet, what will happen?

Your baby’s injury is what happens at a glance. And not only the baby but you can also be the victim of negligence.

The newborn’s body usually does not regulate the temperature well, so the baby is very prone to cold and the body will cool very quickly. So, you should choose warm weather to bathe your baby. If you can not pick the time, use a good way to ensure that your baby’s bath temperature is warm enough. Just make sure you choose the good time of day for bathing. Also important, even when you bathe baby in the evening .

How long should a baby bath last?

time bathe baby

Not for long bathing, clean is good. The skin of the baby is quite fragile and you should not let your baby soak for a long time. According to experts, each bath should only last for 5 to 10 minutes is enough.

Bath time in 10 minutes will help dry your baby’s skin. Moreover, the baby does not lose body heat. Next, to better care for your baby’s skin, you can use a few extra lotions dedicated to newborn babies and apply them to your baby’s skin to keep your baby’s skin soft, not dry.

How often should i bathe baby

In fact, babies do not need to bathe every day. Two to three times a week is enough for new babies. Because babies are still in one place, you will need less bathing than when they start eating and crawling.

If you want to bathe your baby every day, watch your baby’s skin. Red spots, blisters, dry skin, peeling is a symptom of excessive irritation. You will probably need to reduce the number of baths, and also change the baby shower gel.

Fixed bath time for babies

To make daily bathing a habit, you need to be familiar with your baby’s sleep time. Then you will know when to bath the baby the most comfortable, while not affecting sleep or breastfeeding. Maybe you will have to wait 2-3 months to grasp the rules of living suitable for the baby.

Usually babies tend to adapt to repetitive habits. So you can train your baby by taking the baby to the bath and gently bathing the baby from start to finish, then massage the baby. Gradually, children will get used to it and enjoy it whenever they touch the water.

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In addition to the above, do not forget the following:

Always bathe with warm water: The water temperature is about 38 degrees Celsius is ideal for bathing baby. If you do not have a thermometer, you can use the elbows to test the water temperature.

Track your baby’s feelings: Many babies like water, but many babies do not. If your child does not like to be in the water, take a quick bath.

Dry your baby carefully: The baby needs to be thoroughly dried, especially in areas with folds such as wrists, groin, neck, ankle, anus because standing water can cause the baby to be cold and tear.

When it’s hot, you may want to bathe your baby more than once a day. Make sure you use the least amount of lotion as possible so that it does not affect your baby’s skin.

Hope the article has helped you know “What is the best time to bathe an baby? How to bathe your baby properly, “etc., and wish your baby a healthy !
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