Baby’s First Steps: 6 Must Know Baby Proofing Tricks for your Home

    Bringing a new baby home comes with lots of work. In addition to the round-the-clock feedings and diaper changes, there is also the matter of keeping baby safe. Here are six baby-proofing tricks parents need to do at home today.

    1. Cover Outlets

    The easiest way to keep little fingers clear of outlets is to use small plastic outlet covers. You can also move furniture in front of outlets or replace unused outlets with solid plate covers to block access altogether.

    2. Move Breakables

    Baby's First Steps - 6 Must Know Baby Proofing Tricks for your Home

    Anything baby can reach is at risk of being broken or slobbered on. Mount decorative shelves high on the wall and display your breakables there. Place breakables on top of the television or fireplace mantle. You can also temporarily move your breakables into your Westminster CO storage facility, where they will be safe.

    3. Lock Up Cleaning Supplies

    Cleaning products are extremely hazardous to babies who put everything in their mouths. Keep them in a locked cabinet or store them on a high closet shelf. Replace traditional dangerous cleaning supplies with natural and homemade cleaning supplies that are safe to ingest.

    4. Install Baby Gates

    Keep baby off the stairs and out of the kitchen by installing baby gates. If you do not prefer the common styles, install a half door in your doorway. This will allow visibility between rooms, without allowing baby to come through on her own. You can also put baby in a playpen or play yard to keep them contained.

    5. Secure Furniture

    Babies learn to walk by steadying themselves on furniture. If they try to pull up on furniture that is not sturdy, they could end up toppling it over on themselves. You can buy sturdy furniture that babies cannot possibly pull over, or you can secure your existing furniture to the wall with wall straps.

    6. Keep Small Items Off the Floor

    Items smaller than a toilet paper tube opening can pose a serious choking risk for babies who put everything in their mouths. While keeping small items out of the house is the best option, this is not always entirely possible. If you drop something small on the floor and cannot find it, use a vacuum cleaner attachment covered with a piece of pantyhose. This will pick up any small, lightweight objects without sucking them up into the vacuum.

    The world is a big and exciting place for babies, and they want to explore and learn. Make sure their surroundings are safe for exploration by baby-proofing your home before your babies become mobile.