Baby Grinding Teeth : Causes And How To Stop ?

Teeth grinding causes more consequences than parents think. How to stop this situation? Baby grinding teeth are common in kindergarten. Children often grind their teeth at night, while deep sleep, but can also grind teeth during the day, at nap time. Grinding teeth in the long term cause negative effects such as teeth erosion, toothache …

What causes baby teeth grinding ?

baby grinding teeth

Teeth grinding is common in most babies 5-6 month old and children begin to have permanent teeth around the age of six. If parents have the habit of grinding their teeth, children are more likely to have this habit.

Children often grind their teeth if they have runny nose, say while sleeping. Most teeth grinding occurs at night, some children also grind their teeth during the day.

Genetics: Many people may not believe, but grinding teeth is inherently genetic. If a parent or family member has a history of gum disease, the chance of children grinding their teeth during sleep is also high.

Psychological Effects: A child who has experienced something that causes fear, haunting, shock or dreaming of a fatal outcome is also a cause of grinding.

Diseases of the teeth: Dental diseases such as: sinusitis, periodontitis, gingivitis, temporal arthritis, muscle jaw …

Structure of the teeth: The structure of the teeth bite uneven, the deviation also makes children form the habit of grinding teeth while sleeping.

Digestive diseases, helicobacter pylori: It may sound weird, but when it enters the intestinal tract, the parasite releases secretions to the brain and nerves that cause muscle and jaw muscles to form, causing grinding.

Lack of substance: Anorexia, not fully supplemented calcium to help strengthen teeth.

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Consequences of baby grinding teeth

– The first consequence of child teeth grinding when sleeping, is to make teeth worn. The acid in the food also penetrates into the teeth more, creating conditions for tooth decay to develop.

– Teeth grinding affects teething later on. Next, the tooth system is also severely affected, such as bite defects.

– The enamel layer is not quite better. Over time, they will gradually disappear, exposing the ivory yellow teeth makes teeth, lack of aesthetics, broken teeth, more severe tooth loss.

– The jaw muscle function has to work for a long time vulnerable, causing pain in the muscles, neck, head … The over activity of the jaw also make baby face disproportionate, there are square or heavy shape changes in the negative direction.

How to stop baby teeth grinding

Depending on the cause, there are different ways of stopping and treating grinding disease in children.

For example, children grinding teeth due to psychological pressure, fear … before going to bed not allowed to watch horror movies; supplement of nutrients, especially calcium to help baby teeth stronger.

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Parents should always talk to their children before going to sleep to find out what happened during the day with the child, what makes them feel nervous, scared or angry. This can help to resolve the psychological causes of grinding teeth. More important is the conversation that makes the baby feel that you are interested in them, and also helps children not remember the teeth grinding.

Placing the plastic goggles in the mouth at night does not completely prevent the grinding of the teeth, but this also partly reduces the spasm and tooth loss of teeth caused by teeth grinding. The If the bite joint is too messy, the doctor will sharpen the points of teeth to help baby teeth are not worn out …

In general, depending on the cause and status of each patient will have different ways to overcome. Teeth grinding disease is not life threatening, but the consequences it leaves can be very heavy.

Parents should observe, baby grinding teeth at bedtime to have timely intervention, prevention of major events occur.

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