Amazing Valentines Boxes your Kids Can Make

    valentinesWith Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, there are plenty of fun and creative crafts your children can make to celebrate the holiday in a festive way. By making Valentine’s boxes, your kids can enjoy practicing their art and have something to use as a box for all of the Valentine’s Day cards they’ll be getting. They can set this on their desk on February 14th for something fun.

    To make a Valentine’s Day box, you can make it look like many different animals, like a tiger, cat, or bear. For a basic box, make a dog. You’ll first need a basic rectangular tissue box to decorate. You will then need some child-safe scissors, craft foam or colored card stock, acrylic patio paint, a low temperature glue gun (which your kids should have supervision with), white paper or craft foam (for teeth), googly eyes, a brown feather boa, and silver Chenille stem.

    Do make a Valentine’s Day box, instruct your child to begin by painting the box. One or two layers should be enough so the paint doesn’t take too long to dry or becomes clumpy. You can set it on some newspaper to dry. While the paint is drying, move on to other tasks for the art project. First, cut the ears form brown paper. You can also use animal fleece fabric. You’ll want to fold the ears back and forth a few times so it jumps off of the box and has a mobile effect. You can now cut a foam nose out to put right underneath the eyes. For the dog’s teeth, cut zig-zag notches that resemble teeth and glue to each side of the mouth on the tissue box. It should look like the dog is hungry and has its mouth open. Don’t forget to add the tongue, which you can cut out of some pink felt, fabric or paper, so it can hang out of the dog’s mouth.

    Remember to add a collar for your new Valentine’s Day pet. You’ll need to cut 1 1/4 inch of animal fleece fabric and glue to the bottom of the neck of the dog. The silver Chenille stem is needed to decorate it with a buckle.

    Completing the box is easy, as you just need to glue a handful of brown feathers from a boa to glue to the top of the dog’s head. Glue on the eyes close together, and even add a few heart stickers to the collar to make it festive for the holiday!


    1. Hi, very simple. I can guidle my girl to make this one. Thank alot!