Advances in technology.

    Technology is something that has always amazed me.  From computers to cellphones to radios.  There is always room for improvement, always the next big thing.  It is truly amazing to be able to see all of the many advancements technology has made and continues to make.

    I can remember when I got my first cellphone.  We had a contract through Nextel and in our itty bitty community, the phone rarely ever worked and I would get easily frustrated.  My phone was large, bulky and bright yellow.  Rarely did we ever use the phone as a phone, but as walkie talkies.  Or worse yet were the pagers we always carried around in our pockets because it was the “cool” thing to do back then.

    Thinking about technology and all of many advancements always makes me think back to the time when technology was just becoming prevalent in my own life.  I had a very good friend who used to spend hours upon hours chit chatting with random people on her dads cb radio.  Not my idea of excitement, but it worked for her.  I would much rather have been on the computer during that time chatting it up with friends on mIRC, ICQ or AIM.  We didn’t have Facebook, Twitter or MySpace during that time, just chat programs where you could meet all sorts of random strangers from all over the world or heck, even some within the same county lines as yourself.  It was all the rage at that time.

    When I think back to junior high and high school, I have to giggle a little bit.  So much has changed in the technological world.  Some changes for the good, some for the bad.  I am still very old school technology in a lot of ways, but I am slowly accepting many of the changes and moving forward.  It’s time to advance, I think.