8 Creative Games To Play With Your Kids At The Pool

    kidspoolSummertime is the time for vacations and trips to the pool with children. If you are planning on having a large group of children over for a pool party, then fun games will be needed. There are eight games to play that will keep young children occupied while having fun in a pool.

    Belly Flops
    Children who are not ready for the deep end of the pool can play this game. A judge will provide a score based on the height of the splash, the sound of the flop, creativity, and style.

    Kick Board Relay
    This game will require two pool kick boards and two relay teams. Kids will kick to one end of the pool, two at a time and switch until one team wins. This is a great way for kids to have fun while also getting exercise.

    Cannon Ball Jump
    This game is similar to Belly Flop, but is done off of the diving board. However, young kids may jump from the side of the pool. Kids will do their best cannon ball jump into the water one at a time.

    Tube Dunk
    Kids will take turns attempting to flip the tube over and dunk the person back into the water. Each kid will get one turn to try and flip the tube. The contest will continue until one kid is successful.

    Tower Fall
    Two kids are on a team for this game. One kid will sit on the shoulders of their teammate. Each team is given a set time to push the opponent over into the water.

    Pool Football
    This is the kid version of water polo. A pool chair on each end of the pool can be used as the goal. Kids will toss the ball around in an attempt to get into the goal. Set rules up front, such as no standing in the shallow end.

    Coin Collect
    A parent will drop a handful of coins into the deep end of the pool. The winner of the game is the kid who collects the most coins.

    Noodle Jump
    This game involves kids jumping over a pool noodle from the diving board. Kids need to successfully jump over the noodle to advance to the next round. Move the noodle further away from the board after each round.

    Additional Information
    Games that are played in a pool are fun for both children and adults. If your child needs swimming lessons SwimJim in Houston is a great place to start.

    Written by Kristene Blackham


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      It’s a drawing game based on the one where you take a piece of paper and fold it in thirds, and someone draws the head, turns it over, someone else draws the body, same for the feet…. and then you unfold and see what it looks like. It’s really fun on paper or on the screen.